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Thousands Delay Plans to Leave US Military

Antonio Gozikowski was planning to leave the United States Army next month and go to college.

Gozikowski, an Army Sergeant, has served six years in the military. His goal in college was to expand his medical skills, become a dentist and then return to the Army in a few years. But the coronavirus health crisis is forcing universities to consider online classes or reduced schooling.

So, Gozikowski decided to sign up for a new Army program and extend his military service for six more months.

Concerns about future jobs or college classes are driving more U.S. military members to either remain in the armed forces or delay leaving. The weakened economic conditions make the job security, guaranteed pay and benefits of the military much more appealing.

Gozikowski said, "Everything from elementary schools to universities is closing down and there's no saying how it's going to go when the fall semester opens."

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