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Independent Bookstores Growing in the US

Small, independent bookstores in neighborhoods across the United States are places to discover new books and make friends.

About 20 years ago, stores like these were closing in large numbers because of competition from large bookstores and online book sales.

But about 10 years ago something unusual happened: independent bookstores seemingly came back to life. Many are profitable, and the number of stores is growing.

In a Virginia community called Arlington, many people buy their books at a store called One More Page Books. Customer Cheryl Moore says she likes the personal service she receives at small bookstores.

Moore told VOA: "I think they pay attention to the kinds of books people like to read. They have book clubs, so I don't think it's a place where people just buy books, but make friends here."

In another part of the store, Kate Oberdorfer looks through an unusual mix of books: mysteries, cookbooks, and biographies of famous people.

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