WHO Unveils New Malaria 'Roadmap'
2013-11-14 16:17:38

Malaria infects hundreds of millions of people every year and causes well over a half million deaths.(1)

The World Health Organization and its partners Thursday announced a new goal to license vaccines by 2030 that would sharply reduce malaria cases and eventually eliminate the disease.(2)
世界  生组织和它的伙伴星期四宣布,到 2030 年将大幅减少疟疾病例并最终消除这种疾病,到许可证疫苗的新目标。

The 2013 Malaria Vaccine Technology Roadmap was unveiled in Washington.(3)
2013 疟疾疫苗技术路线图在华盛顿揭幕仪式。

It expands the scope of vaccine research, calling for vaccines that can reduce malaria cases by 75 percent and that are suitable for use in all endemic-areas.(4)
它扩大了疫苗研究、 疫苗,可减少 75%的疟疾病例和那都适合所有流行地区的使用要求。

Malaria affects nearly 100 countries and territories, with a particularly heavy burden in sub-Saharan Africa.(5)
疟疾影响近 100 个国家和领土,与撒哈拉以南非洲特别沉重的负担。

“The most recent figures that we have from the World Health Organization are for an estimated 660,000 deaths each year.(6)
"我们已经从世界  生组织的最新数字是 660,000 死亡人数估计为每年。

It’s hard to get your head around that number because it’s such a large figure, said Dr. Vasee Moorthy, who’s with the World Health Organization’s Department of Immunizations and Vaccines.(7)
它很难让你见识一下这一数字,因为它是一个很大的数字,说博士 Vasee Moorthy,是与世界生组织的部的免疫接种和疫苗。

"So another way of thinking about it is that’s about 2,000 deaths each day from malaria.(8)
"所以思考它的另一种方法是,从疟疾的每一天是约 2,000 人死亡。

Now most of those deaths are in children under five in Africa, but there are also deaths elsewhere in parts of the Americas, in the Middle East and in Asia.(9)

And in terms of the number of cases, those deaths are from about 219 million cases of malaria.”(10)
在许多情况下,这些人的死亡是从约 2 亿 1900 万例疟疾。

While there are no licensed vaccines yet against malaria, progress has been made in reducing cases.(11)

That’s due to better diagnosis, drugs, insecticide-treated mosquito nets and control of mosquito populations, which carry the malaria parasites.(12)
这是由于更好的诊断、 药物、 杀虫剂处理的蚊帐和蚊种群,携带疟疾寄生虫的控制。

“We’ve seen a 26 percent reduction in global malaria death rates over the last decade.(13)
"我们已经看到过去十年中全球疟疾死亡率减少了 26%。

If we could successfully develop malaria vaccines, they could have an important complementary role together with these malaria control measures,” Moorthy said.(14)
如果我们能成功地开发了疟疾疫苗,他们能有这些疟疾防治措施与重要的互补作用,"Moorthy 说。

Moorthy said that the 2013 Malaria Vaccine Technology Roadmap builds upon the original roadmap unveiled in 2006.(15)
Moorthy 说 2013年疟疾疫苗技术路线图基础上公布了 2006 年的原始路线图。

“It’s a more ambitious target now -- in that the roadmap is now being expanded to include Plasmodium vivax as well as falciparum," he said.(16)
"它是一个更加雄心勃勃的目标现在 — — 在这路线图 》 现在正在扩大,包括间日疟原虫,以及恶性疟原虫,"他说。

"So falciparum is the form of malaria that causes most of the deaths, but vivax wasn’t previously included.”(17)

While Plasmodium vivax may not cause as many deaths, it’s the source of many new cases.(18)

This is true in many countries – especially in the Americas and Asia -- where progress has been made against the falciparum form of the disease.(19)
在许多国家 — — 特别是在美洲和亚洲 — — 哪里取得了对这一疾病的恶性疟原虫形式也是如此。

It often strikes adults, leaving them unable to work.(20)

“The original roadmap included a goal of having a licensed vaccine by 2015 against the most deadly form of malaria, falciparum.(21)
"原始路线图包括一个目标,到 2015 年针对疟疾,恶性疟原虫的最致命形式有许可的疫苗。

And this is retained in the new roadmap -- and adding the new goal of having a second generation of vaccines licensed by 2030,” said Moorthy.(22)
这在新的保留和路线图 — — 和添加新的目标有一二代的疫苗,到 2030 年,领有牌照的"说 Moorthy。

It’s not clear whether the 2015 goal will be met. There are 27 malaria vaccine candidates in clinical trial. The most advanced candidate, RTS,S/AS01, is in Phase III trials.(23)
尚不清楚是否会达到 2015 年的目标。在临床试验中有 27 候选疟疾疫苗。最先进的候选,RTS,S/AS01,是在第三阶段试验。

The results will be available in 2015 and then undergo regulatory review.(24)
结果将可在 2015 年,然后再接受监管审查。

The new Malaria Vaccine Technology Roadmap is a collaborative effort led by the WHO, along with the U.S. and European governments and agencies, donors, developers and NGOs.(25)
新的疟疾疫苗技术路线图是领导世卫组织,以及美国和欧洲各国政府和机构、 捐助者、 开发人员和非政府组织的合作努力。

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