Burundians Continue to Flee Country
2015-06-30 16:04:02

The U.N. refugee agency said thousands of Burundians continue to flee political instability and violence.(1)
联合国难民署说: 数以千计的布隆迪人继续逃离政治不稳定和暴力。

About 10-thousand refugees crossed into neighboring countries over the weekend before the government closed the borders prior to parliamentary elections.(2)
约 1 万难民进入邻国在周末之前政府关闭边界,议会选举前。

It’s now estimated that at least 144,000 refugees have fled Burundi since the beginning of April.(3)
现在估计自 4 月初以来至少 144,000 难民逃往布隆迪。

That’s when violence erupted after President Pierre Nkurunziza announced he would seek a third term.(4)
就在这时爆发暴力事件后 Pierre 恩库伦齐扎总统宣布他会寻求第三个任期。

UNHCR spokesperson Karin de Gruijl said most of those who fled over the weekend went to Tanzania and Rwanda.(5)
联合国难民署发言人卡琳德 Gruijl 说,大部分的那些逃离上周末去了坦桑尼亚和卢旺达。

Closing the border crossings Sunday did not stop the exodus.(6)

“Refugees are still leaving the country. They’re using now informal border crossings – basically paths through the bush.(7)
"难民仍离开这个国家。他们用现在非正式边境口岸 — — 基本上通过布什的路径。

They find their way into Rwanda and Tanzania and come then to our offices or our presence near the border to register themselves as refugees.(8)

And from there we take them to the camp(s) in the three countries: Tanzania, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” she said.(9)
从那里我们带他们去队部在这三个国家: 坦桑尼亚、 卢旺达和刚果民主共和国,"她说。

While 144,000 thousand have been registered as refugees, many others have not.(10)
同时 144,000 万已登记为难民,其他很多人没有。

They’ve entered neighboring countries without being counted by aid agencies.(11)

De Gruijl said, “There are also people who are going on their own, especially people going to cities or bigger towns,(12)
De Gruijl 说,"还有人有在他们自己的特别是人去城市或更大的城镇,

and have their own resources and do not necessarily register as refugees.(13)

So, we do think that the number might be higher.”(14)

More than 66,000 Burundian refugees are in Tanzania;(15)
超过 66 000 名布隆迪难民是在坦桑尼亚;

well over 56,000 in Rwanda; about 11,500 in the DRC; more than 9,000 in Uganda and just 400 in Zambia.(16)
好在卢旺达; 超过 56,000约 11,500 在刚果 (金);在乌干达和赞比亚的只是 400 多个 9,000。

The UNHCR spokesperson said some were mistreated on their journey.(17)
联合国难民署发言人说: 一些被虐待,他们的旅程。

“There are different reports of harassment. People are also reporting that it’s becoming more and more difficult for them to leave the country.(18)

Not only because borders are closed, obviously, which makes things more difficult,(19)

but there are also roadblocks where militias and others are trying to take away their belongings.(20)

So, people are actually trying to leave the country, more or less secretly, taking as little luggage as they can and going through the bush.”(21)

In the beginning, most of the refugees were women and children. Now, there’s a growing number of men.(22)

De Gruijl said many may be joining their families already in camps.(23)
De Gruijl 说: 很多人可能会加入他们的家庭已经在营地。

“We have been setting up camps or we have been moving people to existing refugee camps in most of the countries with the exception of Zambia at the moment because the numbers are very, very small.”(24)
"我们一直在建立营地或我们已经人到大部分的国家除赞比亚现有难民营目前因为这些数字都非常、 非常小"。

Overcrowding is becoming a problem at the Nyarugusu camp in Tanzania.(25)
过度拥挤成为在坦桑尼亚 Nyarugusu 营地的一个问题。

It was already home to 50,000 Congolese refugees. They’re now joined by 60,000 Burundians. An alternative site is being sought.(26)
它已经是 50 000 名刚果难民的家园。现在,他们一起的还有 60,000 布隆迪人。正在寻求替代性的网站。

The UNHCR is working with 17 other aid agencies to help the refugees, but funding is a problem.(27)
难民署正在与 17 其他援助机构帮助难民,但资金是个问题。

The agency has appealed for $207 million dollars for the Burundi crisis, but has received only 13 percent of the amount, so far.(28)
该机构已呼吁为 2 亿 700 零万美金为布隆迪危机,但到目前为止已收到只有 13%的金额。

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