Pentagon questions true target of Russia’s Syrian strikes
2015-09-30 22:45:52

JUDY WOODRUFF: Russian military aircraft bombed a number of sites in Syria today, deepening its involvement in that nation’s civil war.(1)
JUDY WOODRUFF:俄罗斯军用飞机轰炸了数个在叙利亚今天,深化其参与这个国家的内战。

But there are conflicting reports about exactly what Russia was targeting.(2)

Hari Sreenivasan has this report.(3)
哈里 Sreenivasan 有这份报告。

HARI SREENIVASAN: This amateur video purports to be the first evidence of Russian warplanes in action over Syria, plumes of smoke rising over cities as fighters streak across the skies.(4)
HARI SREENIVASAN:这个业余视频看来在叙利亚,烟雾上升,城市作为战士条纹穿过天空是俄罗斯战机在行动的第一个证据。

The assault began hours after the Russian parliament authorized action and President Vladimir Putin vowed to forge ahead.(5)
袭击开始后俄罗斯议会授权行动和 Vladimir 普京总统发誓要锐意进取小时。

PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN, Russia (through interpreter): The only right way to fight international terrorism in Syria is to act preemptively,(6)
PRESIDENT VLADIMIR PUTIN, Russia (through interpreter):打击国际恐怖主义在叙利亚的唯一正确方法是要采取先发制人的策略,

to fight and eliminate fighters and terrorists on the territories they have already occupied, not to wait until they come to our home.(7)

HARI SREENIVASAN: But exactly what the Russians hit, and why, remained unclear.(8)
HARI SREENIVASAN:但正是俄国人的袭击,以及为什么,仍不清楚。

There were strikes near Homs and in Hama province, and Moscow reported attacking eight Islamic State targets.(9)

But, by all accounts IS, or ISIL, has no significant presence in those areas.(10)

Instead, the Free Syrian Army charged its forces were targeted.(11)

The western-backed faction has fought Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, an ally of Russia.(12)
西方支持的派系战俄罗斯盟友叙利亚总统巴沙尔 · 阿萨德。

U.S. officials agreed the strikes may have hit moderate rebel factions, and not Islamic State forces.(13)

The Kremlin denied it, but also claimed most of the Free Syrian Army has now joined ISIL ranks.(14)

And, at the United Nations, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was dismissive.(15)
并在联合国,外交部长 Sergei Lavrov 不屑一顾。

SERGEI LAVROV, Foreign Minister, Russia: Everything — everything was said by the Russian Ministry of Defense.(16)
SERGEI LAVROV, Foreign Minister, Russia:一切的一切 — — 是由俄罗斯国防部说的。

Don’t listen to Pentagon about the Russian strikes.(17)

HARI SREENIVASAN: Secretary of State John Kerry was also at the U.N.(18)
HARI SREENIVASAN:国务卿约翰 · 克里也是在联合国

He said Washington would welcome any genuine effort to defeat ISIL, but he issued a warning as well.(19)

JOHN KERRY, Secretary of State: We would have grave concerns should Russia strike areas where ISIL and al-Qaida affiliated targets are now operating — are not operating.(20)
JOHN KERRY, Secretary of State:我们将会有严重关切应俄罗斯罢工的地区地方法学会和基地组织附属目标,现时运作 — — 不经营。

HARI SREENIVASAN: Meanwhile, at a U.S. House hearing, a top Pentagon official complained the Russians gave just one hour’s notice of the strikes.(21)
HARI SREENIVASAN:与此同时,在美国众议院听证会上,一位五角大楼官员抱怨说俄国人作出预告,只是一小时的罢工。

ROBERT WORK, Deputy Secretary of Defense: We are alarmed by what happened this morning.(22)
ROBERT WORK, Deputy Secretary of Defense:我们都感到震惊今天早上发生了什么事。

What was agreed by the two presidents is that our militaries would talk, so that we would deconflict operations.(23)

HARI SREENIVASAN: Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said later those military-to-military talks are set to take place in the coming days.(24)
HARI SREENIVASAN:国防部长阿什顿 · 卡特说: 后来这些军方对军方会谈将在未来的日子里举行。

But he said the Kremlin is making a mistake.(25)

ASHTON CARTER, Secretary of Defense: By supporting Assad and thereby, seemingly, taking on everybody who is fighting Assad, you’re taking on the whole rest of the country of Syria.(26)
ASHTON CARTER, Secretary of Defense:通过支持阿萨德和从而,表面上看,以战斗阿萨德的人,你正在对整个国家的叙利亚。

That is not our position. And so that’s one of the reasons why — in fact, it is the central reason why the Russian approach here is doomed to fail.(27)
这不是我们的立场。这就是其中一个原因为什么 — — 事实上,它是最重要的理由,为什么俄罗斯的做法是注定要失败。

HARI SREENIVASAN: Carter said the Russian actions will not deter the U.S.-led air war on Islamic State fighters that’s been under way for a year.(28)
HARI SREENIVASAN:卡特说: 俄罗斯的行动不会阻止对伊斯兰国家的战士一直一年的美国为首的空中战争。

For the PBS NewsHour, I’m Hari Sreenivasan.(29)
PBS 晚间新闻,我是哈里 Sreenivasan。

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