Bruce Springsteen Gives Old Favorites New Twist
2014-01-21 00:56:37

On Bruce Springsteen’s 18th studio album, “High Hopes,” old favorites are given new twists and some previously unreleased songs finally see the light of day.(1)
布鲁斯 · 斯普林斯汀的 18 工作室专辑,"寄予厚望,"老收藏夹鉴于新的曲折和一些以前未发行的歌曲终于看见光的一天。

Fans will recognize the album’s title track from the live version performed in the 1996 film “Blood Brothers,” which documented Springsteen’s reunion with the E Street Band.(2)
球迷们将识别的相册标题轨道从活的版本在 1996 年电影"血兄弟,"记载与 E 街乐队斯普林斯廷的团聚中执行。

The new studio recording of “High Hopes” is a much fuller version of the song, complete with horn section and a chorus of background singers.(3)

It also features Tom Morello of the band Rage Against The Machine.(4)

Morello played guitar on the Australian leg of Springsteen’s most recent tour, and quickly became an asset to the group.(5)

In his liner notes to the album, Springsteen goes as far as to call him “my muse, pushing the rest of this project to another level.”(6)

Morello’s guitar is featured on eight of the 12 tracks, and he sings on “The Ghost of Tom Joad,” trading verses with The Boss.(7)
莫雷洛的吉他推荐八个 12 首歌曲,和他唱"鬼魂的胆大包天,"交易与老板的诗句。

The song was first heard as the title track to a solo acoustic album Springsteen released in 1995..(8)
作为标题跟踪对独奏声专辑斯普林斯汀在 1995 年发布,是第一次听到这首歌...

​"High Hopes" is receiving mixed reviews from critics who complain it isn’t as focused as Springsteen’s “project” albums -- ones that have songs based on particular themes or sounds.(9)
"寄予厚望"正在从评论家抱怨说这不是那样专心斯普林斯廷的"项目"专辑 — — 那些有歌曲基于特定的主题或声音接收混合的点评。

But Springsteen intended this to be a mixed bag, a collection of what he calls “songs that deserved a home and a hearing.”(10)

“Down In The Hole” is an example.(11)

Originally written for the 2002 album “The Rising,” this haunting song didn’t make the final cut because Springsteen didn’t think it fit in with the rest of the tracks.(12)
最初写为"上升"的 2002年专辑,这首令人难以忘怀的歌没能最终剪切因为斯普林斯汀不认为它适合在轨道的其余部分。

The organ played on that song is by the late Danny Federici, a longtime E Street Band member who died in 2008.(13)
器官演奏的歌曲是由已故丹尼?,长期的 E 街乐队成员在 2008 年去世。

“High Hopes” also features performances by Clarence Clemons.(14)

The saxophonist, who died in 2011, was a cornerstone of the group, a musician Springsteen called his great friend and partner.(15)
萨克斯管吹奏者,死了 2011 年,是该集团的一个基石,音乐家 · 斯普林斯汀叫他很好的朋友和伙伴。

The late Clemons can be heard on the “Harry’s Place,” another outtake from “The Rising” album.(16)

A few years ago, there were rumors that Springsteen was working on a gospel record.(17)
几年前,有谣言 · 斯普林斯汀工作创纪录的福音。

Two of the songs from that project, “Shackled and Drawn” and “Rocky Ground,” made it onto his 2012 album “Wrecking Ball.”(18)
从该项目中,"脚镣和绘制"和"岩石地面,"歌曲的两个作它到他 2012年专辑"击毁球"。

“Heaven’s Wall” sounds like it too might have started out as part of the rumored gospel project.(19)

Now with Tom Morello’s guitar, it’s found a home.(20)

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