Nigerian-American Turns Story of Harriet Tubman into Opera
2014-01-02 19:30:38

A new opera, written by a second-generation Nigerian-American, tells the story of Harriet Tubman, who, a century-and-a-half ago, escaped from slavery and led others to freedom.(1)
一部新歌剧,由第二代尼日利亚-美国,写哈丽特 · 塔布,--a-半世纪前,逃离奴役和其他导致自由的故事。

When Nkeiru Okoye was a little girl, she spent a lot of time shuttling between the United States - her mother’s home country - and her father’s homeland, Nigeria.(2)
Nkeiru Okoye 一个小女孩的时候,她花了很多的时间穿梭于美国-她母亲的母国-和她父亲的家园,尼日利亚之间。

While she found the culture shock disorienting, there were some things that remained constant. For one,(3)

“I don’t remember ever not knowing about Harriet Tubman," she said.(4)
"不记住过不了解哈丽特 · 塔布,"她说。

"My mother used to love to read my sister and me stories, so my mother probably told me about her even before I learned about Harriet in school.”(5)

Those early stories turned into a fascination that Okoye has now turned into a work of art.(6)
那些早期的故事变成一 Okoye 现在已经变成一件艺术作品的魅力。

"Harriet Tubman: When I Crossed That Line To Freedom," is presented by the American Opera Projects.(7)
"Harriet Tubman:当我穿过那条线到自由,时"是由美国歌剧项目介绍。

The group received an award from America's National Endowment for the Arts to present works commemorating Tubman in this, the 100th anniversary of her death.(8)
该集团从美国的国家捐赠艺术作品在这方面,她的死亡诞辰 100 周年纪念塔布曼奖。

Tubman was born into slavery in the state of Maryland around 1820.(9)
塔布曼是出生于马里兰州的奴隶制在 1820 年。

In 1849, a dozen years before the U.S. Civil War would be fought between northern and southern states over the question of slavery, Tubman escaped to the north and freedom.(10)
1849 年,十多年前美国内战将国与国之间北部和南部的奴隶制问题上塔布曼逃到北部和自由。

“But she became famous because she went back down to rescue the rest of her family and anyone else that would go with her,” Okoye said.(11)
"但她成为了著名的因为她下楼回到去救她的家人和其他人的其余部分,会和她一起去,"Okoye 说。

Tubman helped arrange a series of safe houses and hiding places called The Underground Railroad, that escaped slaves used to reach freedom.(12)

The people who ran the Railroad were called “conductors.”(13)

“Harriet, who became known as ‘Moses,’ was the most famous conductor in the U.S,” said Okoye.(14)
Okoye 说:"哈丽特,成为了被称为 '摩西',是在美国,有最著名指挥家"。

There are many tall tales about Tubman’s life. And Okoye says she originally set out to add to that tradition.(15)
有许多的塔布曼的生活故事。Okoye 说,她原本列出要添加到这一传统。

“When I started this process, I wanted to pay tribute to Harriet Tubman by writing a highly fictionalized account of her,” she said.(16)
"当我开始这一进程时,我想向哈丽特 · 塔布表示敬意通过编写一个高度虚构的帐户的她,"她说。

Instead, she was inspired to dig into the true story of Tubman, rather than the legend.(17)

“I spent three years getting to know Harriet's world,” she said.(18)

​Using that research, Okoye created what is called a “folk opera.”(19)
Okoye 使用这项研究,创建了什么叫做"歌仔戏"。

“Which is slightly different from regular opera. Most of the music in Harriet Tubman is rooted in traditional African-American folk idioms," she said.(20)
"这是从定期歌剧略有不同。大部分的中哈丽特 · 塔布的音乐根植于传统的非洲裔美国人民间成语,"她说。

"So there are elements of gospel, jazz, blues, and then you hear a “field holler,” you hear ragtime, work songs and there are things that sound like spirituals throughout the opera.(21)
"所以有福音、 爵士乐、 蓝调的元素,然后你听到"字段喊",你听到拉格泰姆,工作歌曲和有些事情听起来像是在该歌剧的圣歌。

Okoye’s attempt to be true to Tubman’s life is a key part of "When I Crossed That Line To Freedom."(22)
Okoye 的尝试将塔布曼的生活是的一个关键部分,"当我越过那条线到自由时"。

“The First Act is called ‘In slavery’ and the Second Act of the opera is called ‘In Freedom.’ I did that because I thought it was very important for listeners to experience Harriet as a full person," Okoye said.(23)
"第一幕叫做 '在奴隶制' 和第二幕歌剧的称 ' 中自由 '。我做的因为我觉得它是非常重要的经验作为一个完整的人哈丽特的听众,"Okoye 说。

"I think most people like to think of Harriet as a born liberator and it robs them of an important part of the story. It’s kind of hero worship.(24)

We don’t get that there’s this vulnerable person who’s there. We don’t get the full picture.(25)

"Harriet Tubman: When I Crossed That Line To Freedom," is being performed in December, February and March in New York’s Fort Greene, the location of an actual Underground Railroad station.(26)
"Harriet Tubman:当我穿过那条线到自由,时"正在执行 12 月、 2 月和 3 月在纽约的堡格林,实际的地下铁路车站的位置。

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