WFP Aims to Help 400,000 Displaced in South Sudan
2014-01-15 16:05:52

The World Food Program this week launched a nearly $58-million operation in South Sudan to provide aid to up to 400-thousand people.(1)
世界食品计划本周推出了近 $5800 万操作在南苏丹向达 40 万人提供援助。

The U.N. agency says some of its food stocks in the country have been looted.(2)

WFP’s spokesman in Juba, George Fominyen, says the agency hopes to expand its operations daily.(3)
在朱巴,乔治 Fominyen,粮食计划署的发言人说,原子能机构希望,每日扩大其业务。

“WFP began providing food for displaced people within days of the outbreak of fighting.(4)

And we have already assisted at least 100,000 people in South Sudan since the conflict erupted in mid-December.(5)
我们亦已协助至少 10 万人在南苏丹冲突爆发于 12 月中旬以来。

And each day we are increasing the numbers and trying to reach more and more people.”(6)

The number of displaced people in South Sudan is estimated to be around 400,000 and rising.(7)
南苏丹流离失所者人数预计为大约 40 及上升。

“While we’ve been working to reach more and more people each day, we still face difficulties accessing some areas.(8)

And that is because of big challenges in terms of infrastructure. And the road network is not always the best.(9)

This is compounded by the fact that we have insecurity in the country at the moment.(10)

Therefore, it’s not easy to access all the people we would want to reach, but we are committed to that to be able to reach more and more people as the days go by,” said Fominyen.(11)
因此,它不是容易地访问所有的人,我们想要到达,但我们致力于,要能够达成更多的和更多的人,随着日子一天天"说: Fominyen。

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon has condemned the looting of food supplies in South Sudan. Fominyen said it happened in areas where conflict has been among the heaviest.(12)
联合国秘书长潘基文谴责了抢劫在南苏丹的粮食供应。Fominyen 说: 这事发生在冲突一直之间最重的地区。

“We have received reports of looting in a few areas, including our warehouses and some of our offices, particularly, where we’ve heard it in Bor and Bentiu.(13)

But it has been difficult to assess the damage or the losses in most places because of insecurity. So far we have confirmed the loss of more than 3,000 metric tons of food.(14)
但它一直难以评估在大多数地方的损失或损害,由于不安全。到目前为止我们已经证实了损失超过 3000 吨的食物。

That’s about 10-percent of what we had in country and that’s roughly enough food to feed about 180,000 people for a month,” he said.(15)
大概是 10%了我们的国家,这大约是足够的粮食来养活一个月约 18 万人,"他说。

The World Food Program has joined other humanitarian agencies in calling on warring parties to allow them safe access to those in need.(16)

As for the nearly $58 million dollar WFP operation, the agency says it needs more donor support to fully fund the emergency effort.(17)
近 $ 5800 万港元的粮食计划署运营,机构说,它需要更多的捐助者支助,充分资金的紧急的努力。

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