Study: Off-shore Wind Farms Tame Hurricanes
2014-02-28 19:38:07

Wind energy is one of the fastest growing sources of new electricity around the world.(1)

In 2012, global wind energy capacity grew by 19 percent, with more than 150,000 turbines operating in 90 countries.(2)
在 2012 年,全球风电装机容量增长了 19%,超过 150,000 涡轮在 90 多个国家经营。

Now a new study suggests offshore turbines could have an additional environmental benefit: weakening the power of hurricanes.(3)
现在新的研究表明离岸涡轮发电机可以有额外的环境效益: 削弱飓风的威力。

Over several decades, Stanford University's Mark Jacobson has developed a complex computer model to study air pollution, energy, weather and climate.(4)
过去数十年,斯坦福大学的马克雅各布森发展一种复杂的计算机模型,研究空气污染、 能源、 天气和气候。

The engineering professor recently used it to address a nagging question facing the renewable energy industry: could hurricane force winds destroy offshore windmills?(5)
工程教授最近使用它来解决可再生能源产业面临争议不休的问题: 可以飓风摧毁海上风车吗?

“The first thought I had was, well maybe the turbines would extract enough power from the hurricane to diminish the hurricane, but I couldn’t prove that yet, unless I ran some numerical simulations,” he said.(6)
"我已经是第一次思想、 嗯,也许涡轮机将从中提取足够的电力飓风减少飓风,但我不能证明,然而,除非我跑了一些数值模拟,"他说。

So, Jacobson, co-author of the study in Nature Climate Change, ran the numbers on three of the most powerful hurricanes to hit the U.S. East and Gulf coasts in recent years.(7)

The model simulated what would happen if large wind farms with tens of thousands of turbines had been in the path of those storms.(8)

“We found that the hurricanes would be dissipated quite a bit if you have large arrays of offshore wind turbines," Jacobson said.(9)

"The storm surge could be reduced by up to 79 percent and wind speeds by 50 percent or even more.”(10)
"风暴潮可以是,减少高达 79%和风速 50%或甚至更多。

The resulting milder winds would also prevent damage to the turbines.(11)

Jacobson explains that as the hurricane approaches, the spinning blades remove energy from the storm’s edge and slow down the wind behind it.(12)

That slowdown in turn would lower wave height and reduce the winds that push those waves toward the coast.(13)

“So by the time the hurricane gets to shore, it’s significantly weakened," he said.(14)

"And storm surge is due to winds going long distance over the water, and the storm surge is reduced quite a bit as well," Jacobsen said.(15)
"和风暴潮是由于风翻水、 远距离和减少了风暴潮很有点好,"Jacobsen 说。

"So [there are] these two benefits, reduced wind and reduced storm surge, due to the large arrays of offshore turbines.”(16)
"所以 [有] 这些两个好处,减少风和降低风暴潮,由于离岸涡轮机的大型数组."

Storm surge leads to flooding and death, says University of Delaware professor Cristina Archer, a co-author of the study.(17)

She says barrier walls or islands buffer storm surge, but, the study shows turbines can also play a role.(18)

“We thought we could actually act on the wind, which is the driving force of the storm surge," she said. "So by reducing the wind, you are actually reducing the storm surge dramatically.”(19)

Archer suggests locating wind farms in offshore hot spots where they could tap the wind for electricity, offsetting fossil fuel use and its resulting emissions and pollution.(20)

They could also act as insurance against storm damage, as the study simulations demonstrate.(21)

“If you can be smart about it, then you can have still very, very high benefits and locally.(22)
"如果你可以智能的它,你就可以去仍是非常、 非常高的好处和本地。

So, for example, for [Hurricane] Katrina, we placed the turbines just up wind of New Orleans," she said. "And, so we protected New Orleans by taking action in New Orleans.(23)
所以,例如,[飓风] 卡特里娜飓风,我们就在新奥尔良的风力涡轮机,"她说。"并且,所以我们在新奥尔良采取行动保护新奥尔良。

So [we showed that] local actions had actual local benefits.”(24)
所以 [我们表明,] 有本地操作,实际本地利益."

That 2005 hurricane on the Gulf Coast was the costliest natural disaster in U.S. history, with a death toll in the thousands.(25)
那 2005 年飓风在墨西哥湾沿岸是代价最高的自然灾难在美国历史上,在数千人的死亡人数。

The study suggests that while there has been political and social resistance in the United States to installing even a few hundred offshore wind turbines, let alone tens of thousands, a wind farm would pay for itself in the long term by generating power and helping to reduce hurricane damage.(26)

Archer sees partnerships developing among policy makers, emergency managers and the wind industry that could lead to new strategies for coastal power and protection that can also save lives.(27)
阿切尔看到决策者、 紧急情况管理人员和可能导致沿海电力和还能拯救生命的保护的新战略风电产业发展的伙伴关系。

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