In Egypt, the Struggle for Peace Continues
2014-01-01 00:30:23

Hello, and welcome to As It Is from VOA Learning English. I’m Mario Ritter in Washington.(1)

Today on the program, we report on Nigeria’s continuing struggle to end the attacks from the militant group Boko Haram.(2)
今天上节目,我们报告关于尼日利亚的继续斗争结束从好战的小组 Boko Haram 袭击。

“I hereby declare a State of Emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states.”(3)
"我宣布紧急状态,在博尔诺州、 约贝和阿达玛瓦州"。

But first, we take you to Egypt, a country working to create stability after almost three years of protests and violence.(4)

“This is a nation that has been pushed to the brink and as long as these issues are not addressed, there will be a third and fourth and a fifth uprising.”(5)

The struggle for peace in Egypt and Nigeria. That is the subject of our program today.(6)

Will the Egypt Settle Political Differences in 2014?(7)
埃及将解决政治分歧在 2014 年吗?

Egyptian leaders continue to struggle to calm their nation. But unhappiness with the country’s current rulers appears to be growing. June Simms has this report.(8)
埃及领导人继续斗争,要平息他们的国家。但该国当前统治者的不快似乎正在增加。6 月 Simms 有这份报告。

In 2013, Egyptians protested in large numbers and forced their leader out of office. It was the second large uprising in two years.(9)
在 2013 年,埃及人大批抗议,并强迫他们离开办公室的领导。它是在两年中的第二次大起义。

The protestors were helped by the military, which imprisoned the country’s first freely-elected president -- Islamist Mohamed Morsi. The army also took action against his supporters.(10)
示威者被军事、 被囚禁的第一次自由选举产生总统 — — 伊斯兰穆罕默德 · 穆尔所帮助。军队还采取了对他的支持者采取行动。

The current military-supported government has offered a plan for stability -- a new constitution to be voted on by Egyptians, followed by elections for president and parliament.(11)

Until recently, many Egyptians supported their new leaders, who had promised to keep the Muslim Brotherhood political party of Mr. Morsi from taking part in the elections.(12)

Wael Khalil is an activist and well-known blogger.(13)

“Getting Morsi back in power is not an outcome -- is not a probable outcome -- so that we are now looking with more scrutiny at those in power.”(14)
"穆尔西回上车电源并不是结果-是不可能的结果 — — 所以,我们现在正在与更多的审查在掌权者"。

Anti-government protesters now include more than Mr. Morsi's supporters. Many activists oppose the strong government and police answers to protests.(15)

Mr. Khalil said the protestors thought those severe moves had ended in 2011..(16)
哈利勒先生说,示威者认为在 2011 年结束了那些严重的动作...

“More and more people are starting to see, first of all, the return of the police state and how the police is really coming back with a vengeance.”(17)

There is also unhappiness about the economy. Unemployment, lack of tourism and investment, plus inflation -- especially in the price of food -- are hurting many Egyptians.(18)
也是关于经济的不幸。失业、 缺乏旅游和投资,再加上通货膨胀 — — 尤其是在食品 — — 的价格伤害了很多埃及人。

Protestors in the 2011 revolution demanded “bread, freedom, dignity.” Political analyst Hisham Kassem says those demands continue to be made.(19)
在 2011年革命示威者要求"面包、 自由、 尊严"。政治分析师 Hisham 卡西姆说这些要求继续进行。

“This is a nation that has been pushed to the brink and as long as these issues are not addressed, there will be a third and fourth and a fifth uprising.(20)

It’s not going to stop, and whether it is the military or the Islamists, whoever is now on the seat needs to deliver.”(21)

But not everyone thinks everything in Egypt is going badly.(22)

Saad Eddin Ibrahim is the chairman of the Ibn Khaldun Center for Development Studies. He says protests take time to work.(23)
萨阿德 · 塔杰丁易卜拉欣是的伊本 · 哈勒敦发展研究中心主席。他说: 抗议活动的时间工作。

“There is always a decade or so around in the revolutionary explosion before the volcano settles down and the ashes settle.”(24)

He says it will not take that long for Egypt to become calm. He says that may happen in another year. He believes people are tired of revolution.(25)
他说: 它不会那么久才埃及,变得平静。他说: 这可能发生在另一年。他认为人们厌倦了革命。

But that is not what protestors in the streets are saying.(26)

I’m June Simms.(27)
我 6 月西姆斯。

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Nigeria’s Fight Against Terrorist Group Boko Haram Goes On(29)
对恐怖分子小组 Boko Haram 尼日利亚的战斗仍在继续

This year was supposed to have been the last for Boko Haram. The Islamist terrorist group has been attacking people in northern Nigeria for four years.(30)

Thousands of troops were sent to three northeastern states to fight the group, but the violence continues and the area is still under emergency rule. Here is Christopher Cruise.(31)
数以千计的部队被派往东北的三个国家,打击集团,但继续使用暴力,面积仍处于紧急统治之下。这里是克里斯托弗 · 巡航。

In May, Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan said Boko Haram was getting stronger. It had captured territories and was continuing its attacks, assassinations and kidnappings.(32)
5 月,尼日利亚总统乔纳森说博科圣地越来越强。它已经占领领土,并继续其攻击、 暗杀、 绑架。

It was seen by President Jonathan as a declaration of war on Nigeria.(33)

“I hereby declare a State of Emergency in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa states.(34)
"特此声明一个状态在博尔诺州、 约贝和阿达玛瓦州的紧急情况。

Accordingly, the Chief of Defense Staff has been directed to immediately deploy more troops to these states for more effective internal security operations.”(35)

It was Nigeria’s largest offensive against Boko Haram. In the first six months of the state of emergency, the military took control of northern cities, but attacks continued in rural areas.(36)

Army spokesman Colonel Muhammad Dole said the military has cut the supplies of the group:(37)

“We were also able to cut most of their supplies so the attack on villages so the attack on villages is a desperation so they can survive. They do not have food. They do not have water.”(38)

Colonel Dole said some members of the group fled to neighboring countries.(39)

In November, the United States called Boko Haram and a linked group called Ansaru foreign terrorist organizations. Emergency rule was then put in place for another six months.(40)
11 月,美国呼吁博科圣地和一个名为 Ansaru 的外国恐怖组织的链接的组。紧急规则然后是另一个六个月放的地方。

Two weeks later people in Maiduguri -- the original home of the insurgency -- said they felt safe for the first time in years. Dauda Tatally owns a small computer supply shop in Maiduguri.(41)
两个星期在迈杜古里 — — 原始的家的叛乱 — — 后来人们说他们感到安全的年里的第一次。Dauda Tatally 拥有一家小型计算机店在迈杜古里。

“Since then, we did not hear of any insurgents, any cheating around. So we can say life is better now.”(42)

But in early December, Maiduguri no longer felt safe. Militants attacked the Air Force, the Army and the Police.(43)
但在 12 月初,迈杜古里不再感到安全。武装分子袭击了空军、 陆军和警察。

The military told everyone to stay in their houses both day and night, a 24-hour curfew. The attackers destroyed an army post and a police base. Many cars and oil trucks were burned.(44)
军方告诉大家留在他们的房子两个白天和黑夜,全天候 24 小时宵禁。攻击者破坏军队员额和警察基地。很多汽车和油卡车被烧了。

Human Rights Watch says Boko Haram has killed thousands of people in the past four years. But it says strong answers to the attacks by security forces have killed hundreds more.(45)
人权观察说 Boko Haram 杀了成千上万的人在过去的四年。但它说安全部队攻击强答案更杀害了几百名。

Researcher Eric Guttschuss says violence between members of different communities has also killed thousands of people in past four years.(46)
研究员 Eric Guttschuss 说不同社区的成员之间的暴力也杀了成千上万的人在过去的四年。

He says the government’s failure to imprison attackers is giving strength to the Boko Haram crisis.(47)

“One of reasons to that they have used to justify these attacks is to say ‘When Muslims were attacked in Plateau State, for example, those who carried out the attacks, nothing happened to them and the government turned a blind eye.’”(48)
"的原因之一它们都用于证明这些攻击是说 '当穆斯林在高原状态,例如,那些人进行攻击,什么都没发生他们遭到袭击和政府视而不见。'"

More violence between religious, political and tribal groups is expected next year before Nigeria’s 2015 presidential elections.(49)
更多的暴力,宗教、 政治和部落群体之间预计明年在尼日利亚的 2015年总统选举之前。

The Nigerian military says it continues to fight Boko Haram and kill members of the group in gun battles and air raids.(50)

But in rural areas of northern Nigeria, people are still being killed, homes are still being burned and people still live in fear.(51)
但在尼日利亚北部的农村地区,人们仍被杀害、 仍被烧毁的房子和人仍然生活在恐惧中。

I’m Christopher Cruise.(52)
我是克里斯托弗 · 巡航。

And that’s our program for today. It was written by Christopher Cruise from reports by Elizabeth Arrott in Cairo and Heather Murdock in Maiduguri.(53)
就是今天我们的节目。它被写由克里斯托弗 · 邮轮从 Elizabeth Arrott 在开罗和希瑟 · 默多克在迈杜古里的报告。

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