Tori Kelly Ready for Pop Music Stardom
2015-07-31 20:35:01

You couldn’t call Kelly an overnight success.(1)

Sure she’s only 22, and she is managed by Scooter Braun – the same man who ignited the careers of pop superstars Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber.(2)
肯定她才 22 岁,她被由滑板车布劳恩 — — 同样的人点燃流行巨星阿丽亚娜格兰德和贾斯汀 · 比伯的职业生涯。

But Kelly has been working towards pop stardom – and honing her songwriting and singing chops – for more than a decade now.(3)
但凯利一直致力于成为流行音乐明星 — — 和珩磨她写歌和唱歌排骨 — — 现在超过十年。

The Southern California girl first appeared in public on the talent show "Star Search" when she was only 10.(4)
南加州女孩首次出现在公共场合选秀节目"明星搜索"她只有 10 岁的时候。

But her real exposure came from posting videos on YouTube.(5)
但她真正接触来自在 YouTube 上发布视频。

She gained recognition for her cover with another YouTuber Angie Girl of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin’ Bout You.”(6)
她为她盖上另一个意指安吉女孩的弗兰克海洋获得认可"思维 ' 回合你."

Eventually Kelly made her way to "American Idol," and advanced through to the Hollywood round.(7)

But she did not make the Top 24.(8)
但是她做不到顶部 24。

That loss inspired her to write more of her own material, which eventually became part of her first EP “Handmade Songs by Tori Kelly.”(9)
这一损失启发她写更多的自己的材料,最终成为她的第一张 EP 的一部分"托里凯利的手工歌"。

On that, she played many of the instruments and produced the tracks.(10)

“Even just releasing music in general is an accomplishment.(11)

And the fact that I get to put out a whole album of songs that I just put my whole heart into, and people are responding really well to it," she said.(12)

"It’s like the best feeling in the world.(13)

Because these are songs about my life so it’s kind of like I’m just throwing myself out there and people are in to it.(14)

So it’s really cool to be able to do what I love.”(15)

"Handmade Songs" sold well enough to reach the top 10 on a number of music charts.(16)

She followed that success with live performances at clubs in Los Angeles, and by opening for larger acts like Jewel and Ed Sheeran.(17)
她跟着这一成功与在俱乐部的现场表演在洛杉矶,和由较大的行为,像珠宝和 Ed Sheeran 开头。

Recently, Kelly electrified audiences at the Billboard Music Awards with her performance of an acoustic version of her song “Nobody Love.”(18)

And then at the BET Awards, a version of Smokey Robinson’s “Who’s Lovin’ You” that had R&B crooner John Legend tweeting that Kelly’s was the “vocal performance of the night.”(19)
然后在黑人娱乐电视大奖,一个版本的斯莫基 · 罗宾逊"谁爱着你",R&B 歌手约翰传奇微博,凯莉曾是"晚上的声乐表演"。

The singer-songwriter says that being within reach of her goal is amazing, and something she dreamed of her whole life.(20)

“I think all the awards shows I have done so far have just been so surreal," she said.(21)

"Like, I always dreamed of being on different awards shows, sitting at home on my couch and watching.(22)

I think as a kid I just always put myself on that stage, and the fact that it’s actually happening, that I get to be a part of these shows is incredible.”(23)

Kelly released her first full-length album, “Unbreakable Smile” in June.(24)
凯利发表她第一张专辑,在 6 月"牢不可破微笑"。

Max Martin – who produces Kelly Clarkson, Pink, and Ellie Goulding – helped produce the CD, which debuted on the Billboard 200 at No. 2.(25)
马克斯 · 马丁 — — 产生凯利克拉克森,粉红色和艾莉高尔 — — 帮助生产 CD,在广告牌 200 2 号首次亮相。

Her single “Should’ve Been Us” is also rising on the Billboard Hot 100..(26)
她单"应该已经被我们"也在广告牌热 100 在上升。

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