Wildfires in Russia scorch world’s largest freshwater lake
2015-10-03 21:13:19

STEPHEN FEE: On the shores of Lake Baikal, in Russian Siberia, unusually warm temperatures and dry conditions made for dangerous wildfire conditions this summer.(1)
STEPHEN FEE:在俄罗斯西伯利亚的贝加尔湖,岸上异常温暖的温度和干燥条件作危险野火条件今年夏天。

At least 1,500 square miles of forest burned until the flames died down in the past few weeks, leaving scorched earth and tree stumps where a once-lush forest stood.(2)
至少 1500 平方英里的森林燃烧直到火焰死了在过去的几周内,留下焦土和树桩曾经郁郁葱葱的森林所站的地方。

Ecologists say the fires here could have a long-lasting impact on the delicate ecosystem around the lake, which is home to an estimated 20 percent of the world’s fresh, unfrozen water.(3)
生态学家说这里的大火可能会对绕着湖,是脆弱的生态系统的长期持久的影响估计有 20%的世界的新鲜、 未冻水的家。

EKATERINA UDEREVSKAYA, ECOLOGIST RUSSIAN: Since the forests are being destroyed, groundwater gets lost.(4)

Drought starts, the springs that are still flowing dry out.(5)

It lowers the level of Baikal, which was already lower than critical.(6)

STEPHEN FEE: The lake is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world, home to 570 types of plants and more than 1,300 animal species, some of which are endangered.(7)
STEPHEN FEE:湖是在世界上,回家到 570 类型的植物和动物物种超过 1,300,其中一些濒临灭绝,生物多样性最丰富的地区之一。

Volunteers are now trying to plant one million new trees to restore the landscape.(8)
志愿者们正在以 100 万的新种树来恢复景观。

IRINA VOLODCHENKO, VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR: Any citizen, any resident can come to the nursery, collect a sapling and plant it in a plot of ground.(9)
IRINA VOLODCHENKO, VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR:任何公民,任何居民能到托儿所,收集一棵小树苗和植物在一小片土地。

Anyone can join this action which allows you to express your concern about the common problem.(10)

STEPHEN FEE: Even a million new trees won’t replace all the greenery lost, an area larger than the state of Rhode Island. but volunteers say it’s a start.(11)
STEPHEN FEE:甚至 100 万的新树不会替换所有的绿色植物就失去了,面积比罗德岛州。但是志愿者们说这是一个开始。

IGOR FILIMONOV, VOLUNTEER: It’s just that we’re thinking of our future, of the future of our children for the kind of country we will live in and the air we will breathe.(12)
IGOR FILIMONOV, VOLUNTEER:只是未来的将来的,我们正在考虑我们、 我们儿童的国家,我们将生活在和我们会呼吸的空气。

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