200,000 Displaced in South Sudan
2014-01-02 16:07:40

The U.N. estimates more than 200,000 people have been displaced within South Sudan by ongoing fighting. Another 10,000 people have fled to neighboring countries.(1)
联合国估计 20 多万人有在南苏丹流离失所的正在进行的战斗。另一个一万人逃到邻近国家。

U.N. refugee agency spokesman Daniel MacIsaac said the UNHCR is trying to maintain access to those in need despite fighting across at least seven states.(2)
联合国难民署发言人丹尼尔 MacIsaac 说难民专员办事处试图保持对那些需要尽管战斗跨至少七个国家的访问。

“We are extremely concerned, of course, about the safety of refugees and about south Sudanese who are displaced within their own country.(3)

We’re also seeing that access to these people is affected by what we call insecurity, basically, the danger, the fighting and that type of thing, too.”(4)
我们还看到对这些人的访问受我们调用不安全,基本上、 危险、 战斗和那种事,太"。

Many of the displaced in South Sudan have sought refuge at U.N. bases in Juba, Bor, Pibor, Malakal and Bentiu. MacIsaac says the agency is assisting at those locations.(5)
许多流离失所者在南苏丹联合国基地在朱巴、 博尔、 Pibor、 马拉卡勒和本提乌避难。MacIsaac 说: 该机构正在协助在那些地点。

“Approximately 75,000 people – although that does change –have taken shelter at these different U.N. bases or compounds around the country.(6)
"约 75,000 人 — — 虽然这不会改变 –have 采取住房在这些不同的联合国基地或在全国各地的化合物。

So as a result that’s a huge responsibility to protect those people, as well as to simply house them. And that’s been going on for almost two weeks as well.(7)

UNHCR – because of our expertise – we are certainly among the U.N. agencies and other partners who are helping to provide supplies to these people be it sleeping mats, tents, food and water.(8)
难民专员办事处 — — 因为我们的专业知识 — — 我们确实正在联合国各机构之间和其他伙伴正在帮助为这些人提供物资的人将它睡垫、 帐篷、 食物和水。

So we’re helping coordinate that,” he said.(9)

Those fleeing across South Sudan’s borders are being helped by a variety of agencies and government ministries.(10)

MacIsaac said, “There’s good cooperation with the governments, be it Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and even in Sudan, of course, as well -- together with our NGO partners in those countries.(11)
MacIsaac 说,"有良好的合作,与各国政府、 被它埃塞俄比亚、 肯尼亚、 乌干达和甚至在苏丹,当然,以及 — — 我们在这些国家中的非政府组织伙伴。

And then we would help operate transit centers where we would register, take information, find out the needs.(12)

We also interview any refugees about what’s the situation back where you came from? Why did you flee, in particular? What are you seeing on the road? -- To give us an idea of [whom] else might be coming.”(13)
我们还采访任何难民的情况回你从哪里来是什么?为什么做了你逃离,特别是?你在路上看见了什么?— — 要给我们一个想法 [人] 其他可能会来."

Besides helping the displaced -- and those who’ve fled to other countries -- UNHCR continues to support about 210,000 refugees from neighboring Sudan.(14)
除了帮助流离失所者 — — 和那些已经逃到其他国家的人 — — 难民专员办事处继续支持约 210,000 难民从邻国苏丹。

Most are in the Yida and Ajoung Thok camps in Unity State in northern South Sudan. There are also refugee camps in Maban County in Upper Nile State.(15)
大多数都在亿达和 Ajoung Thok 难民营中在南苏丹北部的统一国家。也有的难民营在 Maban 县在上尼罗州。

“The situation has been changing literally every day.(16)

So it is some we have to really monitor, even in terms of getting supplies from the capital Juba or from outside the country as required,” he said.(17)

The UNHCR said it’s also focusing on child protection, saying many family members have been separated while trying to escape the fighting.(18)

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