Nearly 80,000 South Sudanese Flee Country
2014-01-14 15:12:54

The number of people fleeing South Sudan to neighboring countries continues to rise, as does the number of displaced people within the country.(1)

The U.N. refugee agency, UNHCR, said it’s expects the situation to only get worse.(2)
联合国难民署、 难民专员办事处,说它有预计情况只有变得更糟。

UNHCR spokesman Adrian Edwards said more South Sudanese civilians are crossing borders to escape ongoing fighting and insecurity.(3)
难民署发言人阿德里安 · 爱德华兹说: 更多的南苏丹平民正在横过边界逃避正在进行的战斗和不安全感。

“At present, there are 78,000 people turning up at refugee sites in the surrounding region.(4)
"目前,有 78 000 人现身在难民营的周围的区域。

42,000 of these in Uganda, but we’re also seeing quite significant numbers in Ethiopia – some coming into Sudan, itself, the north – and others into Kenya, too.(5)
42,000 的这些在乌干达,但我们也看到在埃塞俄比亚 — — 到肯尼亚、 苏丹、 本身、 北部 — — 和其他一些进入相当重大数字太。

So, this is still a situation producing both internal displacement inside the country and new refugees into the region.”(6)

The U.N. agency is gathering accounts of refugees’ experiences.(7)

“If you talk to refugees you hear eyewitness accounts of atrocities. You hear reports of shootings – of houses being burnt in many places.(8)
"如果你跟难民你听到目击者的暴行。你听到的枪击事件 — — 在很多地方被烧毁的房子的报告。

We are hearing of escalating food prices in many markets. So there are continued real problems around the country.(9)

And unfortunately all these factors are coming together and leading us to believe we’re likely at this stage to see further displacement still,” he said.(10)

The number of displaced in South Sudan has risen sharply – up more than 150,000 since last week.(11)
流离失所者在南苏丹的数目自上周以来已大幅 — — 上涨超过 150,000。

“The peace talks at the moment that are underway in Addis [Ababa] is not really producing any slowdown of displacement.(12)
"和平会谈目前正在在 [亚的斯亚贝巴] 真的不生产任何放缓的位移。

You have large numbers of displaced – more than 350,000 inside the country – you have an existing refugee population of 230,000 people.(13)
你有很大数量的流离失所者 — — 更比 350000 国内的 — — 你有现有的难民人口的 23 万人。

So, you’re really talking about extraordinary large numbers of people in need of help,” Adrian said.(14)

UNHCR is trying to determine the condition of those who’ve crossed into Sudan. However, gaining access to the region has been difficult.(15)

“What we are hearing is that about 10,000 people have crossed into West and South Kordofan. These are two states just neighboring South Sudan.(16)
"我们听到的是约 1 万人已越过进入西部和南科尔多凡。这些只相邻的南苏丹的两个国家。

Many of these people are nomadic, so they’ve gone to different areas. The government of Sudan is saying only about 1300 of these people are actual refugees.(17)
其中许多人是游牧民族,所以他们去了不同的领域。苏丹政府说的这些人只有约 1300年实际难民。

Nonetheless, it’s very clear to us at present that there are urgent help needs there,” said Adrian.(18)
阿德里安说: 尽管如此,它是我们非常清楚是目前唯一有那里,需要紧急帮助"。

UNHCR, the World Food Program, and other humanitarian agencies are trying to bring aid to those areas.(19)
难民专员办事处、 世界粮食计划和其他人道主义机构正试图将援助带到这些地区。

As Edwards mentioned, besides those fleeing the country and the internally displaced, there are 230,000 people from other countries at10 refugee camps in South Sudan. Some are of particular concern.(20)
爱德华兹提到,除了那些逃离该国和国内流离失所者,有从其他国家 at10 难民营中南苏丹 23 万人。有些是特别令人关注。

“Right up at the north there has been a large concentration of Sudanese refugees in a place called Yida. That has been affected by [in]security in recent weeks.(21)
"就在北部已经有很大量集中的地方叫意达的苏丹难民。这受到了 [in] 安全在最近几个星期。

Many of the agencies have pulled out of there.(22)

We have had the support of the U.N. peacekeeping mission in South Sudan to deploy additional security up there to allow some of the operations to resume for the 60 or so thousand people in that site,” he said.(23)
我们已有的联合国维和部队在苏丹南部部署额外安全上面允许的部分恢复供 60 或那么几千人在该网站中的操作的支持,"他说。

Besides Yida, another camp in Unity State housing Sudanese refugees –Ajoung Thok – is also expected to receive emergency food aid soon.(24)
除了意达,在统一州住房苏丹难民 –Ajoung Thok — — 的另一个营地也预计将很快收到紧急粮食援助。

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