CAR Displaced Nearing One Million
2014-01-03 16:14:04

The number of displaced people in Central African Republic is edging closer to one-million, as insecurity and fighting continue.(1)
中非共和国的流离失所者人数在逐渐接近 100 万,以及不安全感和战斗不断。

Armed Muslim and Christian groups continue to battle in the capital and elsewhere, but are also targeting civilians.(2)

Humanitarian agencies are having a difficult time reaching those in need.(3)

U.N. refugee agency spokesman Babar Baloch says the number of displaced people has risen sharply in recent weeks.(4)
联合国难民署发言人巴巴尔 · 俾路支说最近几个星期的流离失所者人数大幅上升。

“On 24th of December, we had 710,000 displaced in the country. Today that number has [risen] to over 935,000 people, who are displaced inside CAR,” he said.(5)
"关于 12 月 24 日,我们就在国内流离失所者的 710,000。今天这一数字已上升到超过 935,000 的人,车内流离失所,"他说。

Former Seleka rebels, who are Muslim, are fighting armed Christian groups known as anti-Balaka.(6)
前 Seleka 反叛者是穆斯林,战斗武装称为抗 Balaka 的基督教团体。

Early last year, the rebels, led by Michel Djotodia, toppled then-president Francois Bozize. Mr. Djotodia is now president and has incorporated some of the rebels into the army.(7)
去年年初,领导 Michel Djotodia 的叛军推翻了当时的总统弗朗索瓦 · 博齐泽。先生 Djotodia 现在是总统和一些反叛者纳入军队。

However, he has no control over those who were not. The ex-Seleka rebels began attacking civilians, which led to the rise of the anti-Balaka groups.(8)
然而,他已不能控制那些不。前 Seleka 叛军开始攻击平民,导致抗 Balaka 群体的崛起。

Now civilians on both sides are being targeted. Inter-communal violence has been heavy since December 5th.(9)
现在双方平民为目标。自 12 月 5 日以来,一直重部族间暴力。

“Violence, looting, killings just continue unabated,” said Baloch.(10)
"暴力、 抢劫、 杀人事件只是有增无减,说继续 · 俾路支。

Most of the displaced in Central African Republic are in the capital.(11)

“In Bangui today we have over half a million people, who are displaced.(12)
"在班吉今天我们有超过 50 万人,流离失所者。

Around a hundred thousand of those are seeking refuge at Bangui’s international airport, while others are spread in the host communities,” he said.(13)
约 10 万的那些寻求庇护班吉的机场,而其他人都在东道社区传播,"他说。

The UNHCR said the violence has made it very difficult to reach those host families and deliver aid. Most of the displaced in Bangui are spread out over 67 different locations.(14)
联合国难民署说暴力已很难达到这些主机家庭和提供援助。绝大部分的流离失所者在班吉是传播出超过 67 不同的位置。

In Bossangoa – some 300 kilometers north of the capital – fighting and looting continue as well. The number of displaced people has been on the rise there, too.(15)
在博桑戈阿 — — 约 300 公里的首都 — — 北部的战斗和抢劫继续以及。流离失所者人数一直在上升,太。

UNHCR said that better security is essential for aid agencies to do their jobs.(16)

The U.N. agency and other aid groups are relying on the African Union peacekeeping force – known as MISCA – which may soon number 6,000..(17)
联合国机构和其他援助团体依赖的非洲联盟的维持和平部队 — — MISCA — — 可能会很快达到 6,000 被称为...

UNHCR has organized airlifts to bring tents, blankets, plastic sheets and other supplies from regional warehouses in Nairobi, Accra, Dubai and Doula.(18)
难民专员办事处举办了空运把帐篷、 毛毯、 塑料布和其他用品,从区域仓库在内罗毕、 阿克拉、 迪拜和导乐分娩。

However, insecurity at the airport could delay distribution of those supplies.(19)

UNHCR’s Baloch said tens of thousands of people fled the country last year.(20)
难民署 · 俾路支说: 成千上万的人逃离该国最后一年。

“Since the violence broke out in the country March 2013 till now, we have around 75,000 people that have fled the Central African Republic to the neighboring countries.”(21)
"暴力事件爆发以来在该国 2013 年 3 月到现在,我们有已逃往邻国中非共和国的大约 7.5 万人。

That’s raised the total number of CAR refugees in DRC, Chad Cameroon and elsewhere to about 240,000.(22)
这就已提出在刚果 (金)、 乍得喀麦隆和其他地方约 24 万个汽车难民的总数。

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