Hong Kong to Destroy 30 Tons of Ivory
2014-01-24 13:28:53

More than 30 metric tons of ivory stocks are scheduled to be destroyed in Hong Kong. The African Wildlife Foundation says it welcomes the move in a region where a culture of ivory is deep seated.(1)
将在香港销毁预计超过 30 吨的象牙存货。非洲野生动物基金会说,它欢迎文化的象牙深坐区域移动。

The decision to destroy the ivory stocks was made by the Endangered Species Advisory Committee of Hong Kong’s Agricultural, Fisheries and Conservation Department.(2)
濒危物种咨询委员会的香港的农业、 渔农自然护理署发销毁象牙存货的决定。

Because of the huge amount of ivory it will be destroyed in stages. And it won’t be crushed as in recent events in the U.S. and China where much smaller amounts were destroyed.(3)

Instead, it will be incinerated and turned to ash to ensure no small pieces remain that could be sold.(4)

Speaking from Nairobi, African Wildlife Foundation CEO – Dr. Patrick Bergin – said he is thrilled by Hong Kong’s decision for several reasons.(5)
从内罗毕非洲野生动物基金会首席执行官 — — 博士帕特里克 · 博金我 — — 说,他很高兴通过香港的决定,原因有几个。

“One, I think it shows growing global consensus, and two, I think it shows that this is an issue that the East and the West and Africa can work together on.”(6)

Besides the amount of ivory being destroyed, Bergin said where it’s being done is also significant.(7)

“It’s believed that Hong Kong is probably the single, largest transit point for ivory.(8)

So if you think about the fact that the United States destroyed about six tons and Hong Kong is holding 33-plus tons,(9)
所以如果你想想美国摧毁了这一事实六吨左右和香港持有 33-plus 吨,

it goes to show you what a large stockpile they have comparatively -- and that it’s built up over a long period of time,” he said.(10)
它会给你看什么一大堆他们有比较 — — 和它建立在很长一段时间内,"他说。

There was another poaching crisis back in the 1970s and 80s. Many people in the United States and other developed countries were buying Ivory jewelry.(11)
有另一个偷猎危机早在上世纪 70 年代和 80 年代。在美国和其他发达国家的很多人都买象牙首饰。

Bergin said a campaign began to raise awareness that thousands of animals had to die for that jewelry to be made. The campaign was called Only Elephants Should Wear Ivory.(12)
伯金说: 运动开始,提高认识成千上万的动物不得不为那些珠宝被做死。这一运动被称为只大象应该穿象牙。

“I remember a big ad we had in the New York Times. It said: Today in America someone will kill an elephant for a bracelet.(13)
"我还记得我们在纽约时报了一个大广告。它说: 今天在美国人将会杀死大象的一只手镯。

And as a result of public education we reached a tipping point and it’s now just very uncool and politically incorrect to use ivory in that way,” he said.(14)

The head of the African Wildlife Foundation said that those campaigns did not happen in Asia.(15)
非洲野生动物基金会的负责人说: 这些运动没有发生在亚洲。

“Most of humanity lives in Asia and we believe most of the market for ivory is now in Asia. The same movement has to occur.(16)

We need to reach out to the public in China, Vietnam and Hong Kong and Thailand – and particularly the younger generations.(17)
我们需要在中国、 越南、 香港和泰国 — — 和特别是年轻一代向公众伸出。

And help them understand the terrible destruction that this habit is causing,” he said.(18)

The U.S., the U.N., the Clinton Foundation and others have launched new campaigns to crackdown on poachers. Many park rangers are ill trained and ill equipped to them.(19)
美国、 联合国、 克林顿基金会和其他人有发起新运动打击偷猎者。许多公园巡游者有病训练有素和生病装备到他们。

They are often well armed and backed by organized crime. There’s also concern that money from illegal poaching may be going to terrorist groups.(20)

Bergin said the use of social media can help spread the word quickly and globally about illegal poaching and its consequences. Media that were not available during the campaigns of the 70s and 80s.(21)
伯金说: 社交媒体的使用可以帮助传播一词迅速和全球范围内关于非法偷猎和它的后果。在 70 年代和 80 年代的运动中没有可用的媒体。

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