Summit Aids Foreign Investment in US
2016-06-25 21:00:31

American Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker says now is a great time to invest in the United States.(1)

She made the comment earlier this week in a speech to an international business gathering in Washington, D.C.(2)

Business owners and investors from around the world attend the SelectUSA Investment Summit.(3)

Pritzker said the U.S. economy is almost 15 percent larger than it was in 2009. She said 14.5 million more people are now employed.(4)
普利兹克说,美国经济是大于 2009 年几乎 15%。她说 ︰ 现在受雇 1450 万更多的人。

And she said the U.S. economy is growing faster than that of any other nation.(5)

President Barack Obama also spoke at the conference Monday.(6)

Obama said America leads the world in “cutting-edge manufacturing.”(7)

He also said “no other country is home to more foreign direct investment than the United States.”(8)

But investing in the U.S. is not always easy. Small and medium-size businesses can find investing in America difficult.(9)

Felicia Pullam is the director of outreach for SelectUSA.(10)
费利西亚 Pullam 是为选择美国外联主任。

“When they look at the United States, they see you've got 50 states, plus the territories, and so sometimes they just don’t know where to start.(11)
"当他们看着美国时,他们看到你有 50 个州,加上界,所以有时候他们只是不知道从哪里开始。

And you know, whenever you invest in a new country, it's a new country, so it's a foreign system and you need to learn about it.(12)

So that's why SelectUSA was created -- to help people understand the system. ".(13)
所以这就是为什么选择美国创建 — — 帮助人们理解系统。".

Pullam said companies can find all the resources about America in one room.(14)
Pullam 说公司可以找到有关美国的所有资源在一个房间里。

One of those companies is 85°C Bakery Café. Gloria Gorden is its human resources director.(15)
这些公司之一是 85 ° C 面包店咖啡馆。格洛丽亚戈登是其人力资源总监。

"The company started in 2004 in Taiwan. As of now we have more than 900 stores in Asia, primarily Taiwan and China.(16)
"该公司 2004 年开始在台湾。到目前为止,我们有超过 900 家商店,在亚洲,主要是台湾和中国。

We have 19 stores, as of last Friday, in the U.S., all of which are in California.(17)
我们有 19 家门店,截至上周五,在美国,所有的一切都是在加利福尼亚州。

We are looking to expand out of state toward the end of this year...".(18)

Gorden said her company wants to open restaurants in the states of Texas and Washington, as well as in Washington D.C. and New York City.(19)

She said opening in California was hard because of its many business rules.(20)

She said she wished the company had done more research about starting a business there.(21)

Taner Basaga is the general manager of flooring manufacturer Yildiz Entegre USA.(22)
唐诺巴萨嘎是总经理的地板制造商 Yildiz Entegre 美国。

He said his company has been in the U.S. states of North Carolina and Alabama for about six years.(23)

He said it hopes to build more factories in other parts of America.(24)

Basaga said getting started in the United States was easy for his company. He said “we came with capital, [and] we did a …study.”(25)
巴萨嘎说起步在美国是很容易的为他的公司。他说:"我们来与资本,[和] 我们做...研究。"

Basaga had advice for companies wishing to come to America. In his words, “spend a lot of time and try to understand the country first.”(26)

Not every company that attended the conference is established in the U.S.(27)

Xanga and InnovAir is a real estate, marketing and development company based in Hungary.(28)
Xanga 和 InnovAir 是房地产、 市场营销和发展公司总部设在匈牙利。

Nándor Nagy told VOA that his company wants to open offices in the U.S.(29)
Nándor 纳吉对美国之音说,他的公司想要在美国开设办事处

He described America as “a big market with great possibilities and strong rule of law.”(30)

He said that, after the conference, he was going to search for places to establish a factory in the U.S.(31)

The “unbeatable” South(32)

Many foreign investors go to the better-known U.S. cities, such as New York, Washington, Chicago and San Francisco.(33)
许多外国投资者去美国的名气更大的城市,如纽约、 华盛顿、 芝加哥和旧金山。

Gene Stinson is president of the Southern Economic Development Council.(34)
基因 Stinson 是南部经济发展理事会主席。

He was at the meeting to sell the “unbeatable potential” of doing business in 17 southern U.S. states.(35)
他是在会议上卖"无与伦比的潜力"17 美国南部各州在做生意。

"All of the critical components of doing business: transportation costs, energy, labor, all of those, as a rule, are less in our region than in other parts of the U.S."(36)
"All of the critical components of doing business:运输费用,能源,劳动力,所有这些,作为一项规则,较少在我们地区比其他地区的美国"

This was the third SelectUSA Investment Summit.(37)

The number of foreign investors in attendance has increased each year. American business people from every state and two territories also attended.(38)

The Commerce Department reports that, as of 2013, American affiliates of foreign companies directly employed 6.1 million people in the U.S.(39)
美国商务部报告,截至 2013 年,美国分支机构的外国公司直接聘请美国 610 万人

I’m Caty Weaver.(40)
我是凯缇 · 韦弗。

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