DRC Civilians Face Extortion, Violence
2014-01-28 11:15:32

The recent defeat of M23 rebels in eastern DRC has resulted in better security in some places, but worse in others.(1)
M23 叛军在刚果民主共和国东部最近的失败导致更好的安全性,在某些地方,但在其他更糟。

The development organization Oxfam has surveyed people in the region to learn how their lives are affected by armed groups.(2)

Oxfam surveyed 1800 people in North and South Kivu Provinces two months after the victory over M23.(3)
乐施会调查 1800年人在北方省和南北基伍省两个月后 M23 的胜利。

“What the protection survey shows is that there are patterns to violence, especially in remote communities in eastern DRC.(4)

You have the violence that’s characterized by conflict – rapes, beatings, murder.(5)
您具有的特点是冲突 — — 强奸、 殴打、 杀害的暴力行为。

But that’s accompanied by displacement -- people being forced to flee their homes, “said Louise Williams, spokesperson for Oxfam.(6)
但那伴随着位移--人被迫逃离家园,"路易斯 · 威廉姆斯说,乐施会的发言人。

Williams said these patterns of violence give armed groups and state authorities opportunities to extort local communities.(7)
威廉斯说: 这些暴力模式的给武装的团体和国家当局勒索当地社区的机会。

“By demanding illegal taxes, illegal levies [and] by setting up checkpoints at which everybody who passes will have to pay a small amount of money.(8)
"通过要求非法税收,非法征收 [和] 通过设立的检查站,每一个人传递会有付少量的钱。

But every single time they pass they’ll have to pay that money. There are also arbitrary fines and all sorts of other illegal practices.”(9)

The Oxfam spokesperson said communities try to avoid paying these illegal taxes and fines. Sometimes they take some of their harvest and hide in the bush.(10)
乐施会发言人说: 社区尝试避免支付这些非法税款和罚款。有时他们采取一些他们收获的躲在丛林中。

However, since many of the armed groups are from the same region they know where the hiding places are.(11)

Williams said when the military moved against M23 it created a security vacuum in some places. As a result, other armed groups moved in once M23 left.(12)
威廉斯说: 当军方反对 M23 搬它在一些地方创造了一个安全真空。其结果是,其他武装的团体在一次中移动 M23 左。

But there are some places where the offensive improved local security, such as the Rutshuru area.(13)

“Women told us that now we can go to the market without having to pay – now we can go to the fields without having to pay.(14)
"妇女告诉我们,现在我们可以去市场无需支付 — — 现在我们可以去到的字段无需支付。

So there are some improvements that we are documenting and that we’re testifying to across the Kivus.(15)

We can also say that there were fewer abuses reported by the Congolese army in their military operations against the M23 in Rutshuru over the past month,” she said.(16)
我们也可以说是有较少的虐待报告由刚果军队在鲁丘鲁 M23 对其军事行动中,过去一个月,"她说。

The Congolese army had been accused of rapes, beatings and illegal levies in past operations.(17)
刚果军队被控强奸、 殴打和非法征收在过去的行动。

Oxfam says the army has demonstrated better chain of command and improved logistics in its offensive against M23. That, says Williams, has benefited civilians.(18)
乐施会说军队已表现出更好的指挥和改进的物流的 M23 发动攻势。威廉姆斯说受益匪浅的平民。

“As a result of those improvements,” she said, “the army preyed on the local population less. They were exploiting the local population less.(19)

But we haven’t been able to testify yet as to whether that pattern of somewhat improved military operations will be reflected in future operations as well.”(20)

Oxfam said the defeat of M23 – plus greater regional cooperation – “offer a window of opportunity for peace in eastern Congo.”(21)
乐施会说失败的 M23 — — 加更大的区域合作 — —"提供一个窗口刚果东部地区和平的机会"。

However, it warned, that “an end to insecurity in the region is far from an inevitable outcome.” It called on the government to make concerted efforts to protect civilians from violence.(22)

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