Can new apps lead to a new you for 2014?
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HARI SREENIVASAN:This is actually how 41-year-old Bob Troia sometimes sleeps - with this gadget on his head.(1)
HARI SREENIVASAN:这是实际上如何 41 岁鲍勃 Troia 有时睡觉-此小工具在他头上的。

So when he wakes up, he can see not only how long he slept … but also information so detailed he knows when - and how long - he was in rem sleep, light sleep, and deep sleep.(2)
所以当他醒来的时候他可以看到不仅多长时间他睡了......,而且还如此详细的信息他知道当-和多长时间-他是对物的睡眠、 轻睡眠和深睡眠。

BOB TROIA:I tend to have a little point around6amwhere my dog tends to bark at somebody. Then I’ll fall back asleep.(3)
BOB TROIA:我倾向于有一个小点 around6amwhere 我的狗往往有人吼。然后我就会回来睡着了。

HARI SREENIVASAN: And this is just the start of Troia’s data-filled morning routine.(4)
HARI SREENIVASAN:这是 Troia 的数据填充的早上例行的只是一个开始。

Before he even gets out of bed, Troia uses an IPhone app to take his pulse. He then weighs himself … takes his blood pressure … and his blood glucose level.(5)
他甚至起床之前,Troia 使用 IPhone 的应用程序,以他的脉搏。他然后重自己............,他血压和他血糖水平。

BOB TROIA:I have an elevated risk for type 2 diabetes.(6)
BOB TROIA:我有 2 型糖尿病的风险升高。

HARI SREENIVASAN: Next: a finger-tapping exercise to test cognitive performance.(7)
HARI SREENIVASAN:下一步: 测试认知表现手指攻行使。

And all throughout the day, a monitor on his chest and a band on his wrist collect data about his heart rate, sweat levels and skin he can keep his stress levels in check.(8)
所有整个一天,在他的胸膛上显示器和他的手腕上的一支乐队收集有关他的心率数据、 汗水的水平和皮肤温度......,这样他能在检查中把他的应力水平。

BOB TROIA:So I can look down at my phone at any point in the day and see, kind of, how stressed am I.(9)
BOB TROIA:所以我可以低头看看我的手机在任何点在天和见,种,如何强调我 (上)。

HARI SREENIVASAN: All the data he collects is stored in a computer program, smartphone app or in a spreadsheet.(10)
HARI SREENIVASAN:他收集的所有数据都存储在计算机程序中,智能手机的应用程序或电子表格中。

The point of all this tracking and monitoring? Troia, the CEO of a marketing firm who lives in Brooklyn, says in addition to keeping diabetes at bay, he just wants to stay healthy.(11)

BOB TROIA:I think as you get older-- you know, once, I think, really, when I turned 40, for me was-- you start looking ahead.(12)
BOB TROIA:我觉得当你老了 — — 你知道,一次,我想,真的,当我变成 40,我是--你开始展望未来。

HARI SREENIVASAN: So, I think by this sort of idea for me is doing what I can take to ensure that I have this sort of long, enjoyable life.(13)
HARI SREENIVASAN:因此,我认为由这种想法对我来说就是做可以采取确保我有这种长时间、 令人愉快的生活。

Troia's tracking and testing may seem extreme, but he's definitely not alone. He’s part of a growing movement called “quantified self.”(14)
Troia 的跟踪和测试可能看起来极端,但他不一定是一个人。他是运动的日益壮大称为"量化自我"的一部分

People tracking and quantifying all kinds of personal data, often health-related.(15)

Sixty percent of American adults track their weight, diet or exercise routine, and millions are now using technology to do it.(16)
60%的美国成年人跟踪它们的体重、 饮食或锻炼的例程,和数以百万计现在正在使用技术来做它。

There are thousands of health and fitness smartphone apps and it’s estimated the wearable device industry could soon grow to more than a billion dollars –(17)
有成千上万的健康和健身的智能手机应用程序和它估计可穿戴设备行业可能很快就增长到 10 亿美金以上 — —

including these bands and bits that track everything from steps and calories to heart rate and sleep quality.(18)

DAVID POGUE: It's about self- improvement, I think.(19)
DAVID POGUE:它是关于自我改善,我认为。

HARI SREENIVASAN:David Pogue is a technology columnist for the New York Times and host of NOVA ScienceNOW.(20)
HARI SREENIVASAN:David Pogue 是技术的纽约时报和主机的新星现代科学 》 的专栏作家。

He says self-quantifiers range from the average person just trying to lose weight…. To the hard-core like Bob Troia.(21)
他说,自我量词的范围从一般人只想减肥...对像鲍勃 Troia 赤裸裸。

Pogue says these wearable devices can be powerful motivators.(22)

DAVID POGUE: I just that awareness that you're being watched and your activity level is being monitored leads you to get more activity.(23)
DAVID POGUE:我只是这种认识,在监视你和你的活动度正在监视带领你去更多的活动。

You take more stairs; you get off a subway stop earlier because they reward you with little lights and graphs for doing well.(24)
你把更多的楼梯 ;你再早关闭一个地铁站,因为他们奖励你与小灯和做得好的图表。

HARI SREENIVASAN:Pogue says many devices also let you compare your data with other users.(25)
HARI SREENIVASAN:伯格说: 很多设备还可让您将您与其他用户的数据进行比较。

DAVID POGUE:So there's-- an almost competitive element to it. It's fitness through shame.(26)
DAVID POGUE:所以有的 — — 它几乎竞争元素。它的健身通过羞耻。

HARI SREENIVASAN:Now what is it about that baseline sort of competition? Like, it's an almost like an animal instinct. Why do we respond to that?(27)
HARI SREENIVASAN:现在它大约竞争该基线排序是什么?就好像,这是几乎像动物的本能。我们对那反应为什么?

DAVID POGUE: I mean everybody behaves differently when they're on stage versus when they're off stage. You want to be your best self. You want to put your best foot forward.(28)
DAVID POGUE:我的意思是当他们与舞台上他们下舞台的时候每个人的行为不同。你想要你最佳的自我。您想要提出你最佳的脚。

And that's what sharing your data with a few other people does for you.(29)

HARI SREENIVASAN:Is this a grand narcissism of, you know, the internet age, or technology saying, "I'll just give you the tools to measure every nook and cranny of your life."(30)
HARI SREENIVASAN:这是盛大的自恋的你知道,互联网时代,或者说,"我会只是给你的工具来衡量每个角落,你生命中的裂隙"技术。

DAVID POGUE:It's absolutely narcissism. Ormore healthfully, ego.(31)
DAVID POGUE:它绝对是自恋。家创设,自我。

It's studying yourself as an interesting topic in ways that you couldn’t study yourself before, I mean, this is just giving you self-awareness into previously invisible aspects of your life.(32)

HARI SREENIVASAN: Like something known as heart rate variability.(33)

DAVID POGUE:So in a stressful situation your pulse may inversely go up but your HRV goes down and over time like a higher HRV is just a general sense of your body being in that better natural state.(34)
DAVID POGUE:所以在压力大的情况你的脉搏呈反比例的关系可能会走上,但您的 HRV 走下来和时间像高心率变异性是只是一般意义上,你是在那更好的自然状态的身体。

HARI SREENIVASAN: He knows what he means. Troia estimates he’s spent around $20,000 over the last few years on devices, programs and tests. And it’s not just about health.(35)
HARI SREENIVASAN:他知道他的意思。Troia 估计他已花约 2 万块过去几年对设备、 程序和测试。这并不只是健康。

He’s also got a program that quantifies all the different ways he spends time on his computer, and quantifies which parts of the day he’s most productive.(36)

HARI SREENIVASAN:So, you know, people are going listen to you and say, "this guy's extreme. He's quantifying all this stuff. Do you think you're extreme?(37)
HARI SREENIVASAN:所以,你知道,人会听你,说,"这家伙的极端。他量化这所有的东西。你觉得你极端吗?

BOB TROIA:No, not necessarily. You know, I don't-- I think if you talk to a lot of my friends or family or coworkers-- it's not something that they even really can notice or tell that I'm doing.(38)
BOB TROIA:不,不一定。你知道,我--我想是否你跟我的许多朋友或家人或同事 — — 不是他们即使真的可以通知或告诉我做的东西。

HARI SREENIVASAN:There's actually a community for dedicated self-quantifiers like Bob Troia, across the U.S. and around the world, who gather often to share experiences and, of course, data.(39)
HARI SREENIVASAN:美国各地和世界上收集经常要分享的经验和数据,当然,那里是实际上一个像鲍勃 Troia 专用自我量词的社区。

At this recent gathering in New York City, which had a wait-list to get in, the main event was a show and tell.(40)

SPEAKER AT CONFERENCE:I ate a lot of butter here so there was a bump up(41)
SPEAKER AT CONFERENCE:在这里的很多黄油所以起来有肿块到吃

HARI SREENIVASAN:But these self-quantifiers aren’t just sharing information with each other.(42)
HARI SREENIVASAN:但这些自我限定符不只互相分享信息。

Users are uploading massive quantities of personal data to the servers of companies that make these gadgets, programs and smartphone apps.(43)
用户将大量的个人数据上载到服务器,使这些小工具、 程序和智能手机应用程序的公司。

BOB TROIA:It’s a wireless scale so what it’s going to do is transmit my data to a server.(44)
BOB TROIA:它是无线的规模,因此它要做的是将我数据传输到服务器。

HARI SREENIVASAN: Bob Troia says there’s a lot of discussion in the quantified self community right now about who owns the data and what can be done with it.(45)
HARI SREENIVASAN:鲍勃 Troia 说有很多讨论,量化自我社会现在谁拥有此数据,可以用它做什么。

But at the end of the day, Troia says he’s not too concerned.(46)
但在一天结束了,Troia 说他不是太担心。

After all, the risks are small compared to his goals – everything from preventing diabetes, to optimizing his time.(47)
毕竟,风险是小到他的目标 — — 一切从预防糖尿病,到优化他的时间进行比较。

BOB TROIA:Personally, like, my goal is to basically be-- an optimal human being in every aspect of my life.(48)
BOB TROIA:个人而言,一样,我的目标是基本上是--在我生命中的每个方面优化人类。

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