Price of Oil Hits $100 a Barrel
2013-12-27 17:23:06

The price for a barrel of oil rose above 100 dollars Friday amid concerns over instability in Libya and South Sudan, plus a growing U.S. demand for fuel.(1)
一桶石油的价格上升 100 美元以上周五的担忧利比亚和南苏丹,再加上美国对燃料日益增长需求的不稳定了。

Fighting in South Sudan and erratic oil production in Libya are having a ripple effect on the global oil market.(2)

John Kingston, director of news for Platts, a leading energy information company, said, “The big, broad, fundamental picture does look like there’s more oil on the world [market] than is necessary.(3)
约翰 · 金斯顿,普氏能源资讯,领先的能源信息公司的新闻主任说,"大的、 广泛的、 基本的图片不看起来有更多的石油 [市场] 世界上比是必要的。

But you continue to have several hotspots that are keeping the market tight and keeping the market a little bit on edge. Libyan output’s been fluctuating.(4)

Sometimes it gets almost up to 500,000 barrels a day. Sometimes it’s closer to 100,000 barrels a day.(5)
有时它获取一天几乎达 50 万桶。有时它是更接近于每天 10 万桶。

But this is a country that should be producing about 1.5 -1.6-million barrels a day.(6)
但这是一个国家,应当生产约 1.5-1.6-250 万桶一天。

Now you’ve got South Sudan, which is a relatively small producer, but again it could be a cutback in a market that does have a lot of these geo-political concerns.”(7)

Some of the fighting in South Sudan is in Unity State, which produces about 45,000 to 50,000 barrels a day. That’s out of a total output for South Sudan of 250,000 barrels a day.(8)
一些在南苏丹的战斗是在统一状态中,产生约 45,000 到 50,000 桶一天。这是不为南苏丹的一天 25 万桶的总产出。

Kingston said that’s a relatively small output compared to other oil producing nations.(9)
金斯顿说: 这是一个相对较小的输出,相比其他石油生产国。

Nevertheless, he said the combination of problems in the two countries has affected the market.(10)

“You’ve also got other things,” he said, “You’ve got rising interest rates, which tend to be a booster of commodities.(11)

U.S. demand is starting to show real signs of strength.(12)

It’s up about a million barrels a day – year on year – and the estimates now are that fourth quarter growth in GDP might be three to four percent, which is pretty strong.(13)
它是约 100 万桶的一天 — — 每年的 — — 和估计现在是第四季度国内生产总值的增长可能是三到四个百分点,是很强了。

So, you throw all these together in this plunging market that everyone was talking about a few weeks ago, a month ago, it’s got too many things that are preventing it from plunging.”(14)

Kingston said that the oil market is not like the stock market, which can fluctuate wildly upon hearing rumors.(15)

“Any kind of commodity market – the net gain at the end of the day is zero. For every dollar made there’s a dollar lost. So that’s not the case in Wall Street.(16)
"任何种类的商品市场 — — 在结束了一天的净收益为零。为使每 1 美元有失去 1 美元。所以,不是华尔街的情况。

So, that’s why I always push back very hard in any kind of analogy to Wall Street. But certainly it’s not so much that there are rumors, there are real outages of supply.(17)

And even though if you sat down and did the percentages it would look really, really small, the fact is markets are not set by percentages they’re set on the margin.(18)

What is the competition for that last barrel of oil?”(19)

Kingston said that Platts will not predict how long the price of a barrel of oil may hover around the 100 dollar level.(20)
金斯顿说普氏能源资讯将不预测多长时间一桶石油的价格可能悬停大约 100 美元水平。

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