The World Wide Web Turns 25
2014-03-17 00:30:12

Hello, again, and welcome back. I’m Jim Tedder in Washington.(1)

Let’s work together to learn some interesting information, and improve our American English at the same time.(2)

Today we talk about something that has changed our lives, and many of us wonder if we could ever again do without it.(3)

This month marks the 25th anniversary of the invention of the World Wide Web.(4)
这个月是万维网的发明 25 周年。

What started as a way for scientists to share information has changed nearly everything.(5)

We will provide some history, and then hear what may be the future for sharing huge amounts of information.(6)

It is nice to have you with us as we start a new week, looking at the world …As It Is.(7)

It all started in March of 1989. British scientist Tim Berners-Lee was working at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland.(8)
那是在 1989 年 3 月开始。英国科学家蒂姆 · 伯纳斯-李在欧洲瑞士的核研究组织 (cern) 工作。

Scientists would come to CERN from all over the world. But others could not see their research because of differences in computers.(9)

Tim Berners-Lee thought it would be easier if all the computers could talk to one another and exchange information directly. So he proposed linking the machines.(10)
蒂姆 · 伯纳斯-李认为是否所有计算机都能都跟另一个和交流信息直接会容易些。所以他提议把机器联系起来。

His proposal would later become known as the World Wide Web.(11)

It took two years before researchers could successfully link a computer server and web browser through the Internet.(12)
花了两年之前的研究人员成功地可以链接计算机服务器和 web 浏览器通过互联网。

It would be officially launched in August 1991. By 1993, there would be more than 500 web servers.(13)
将正式启动在 1991 年 8 月。1993 年,落马洲管制站将会有超过 500 的 web 服务器。

Now, there are more than 1.7 billion people on the web worldwide.(14)
现在,有超过 17 亿人网上的世界各地。

James Hendler is the director of the Rensselaer Institute for Data Exploration and Applications in Troy, New York.(15)
詹姆斯 Hendler 是数据探索和应用在纽约州特洛伊伦斯勒研究所的主任。

Mr. Hendler spoke to VOA on Skype.(16)
先生 Hendler 谈 Skype 的美国之音。

He says one of the main issues slowing web growth has been the use of the English language in computer coding and on keyboards.(17)
他说 web 增长放缓的主要问题之一就是使用英语的语言在计算机编码和在键盘上。

He says that problem has been solved. And he thinks Asia can look forward to more and more Web access.(18)
他说: 这个问题已经得到解决。而且他认为亚洲可以期待更多的和更多的 Web 访问。

“In the US, we are at somewhere in the area of 80-90 percent of people already having access and, you know, not much growth.(19)
"在美国,我们是在某个地方在区域的 80-90%的人已经有机会,你知道,没有太大的增长。

In China, you see about 25 percent and, of course, a country much bigger than ours. India, I don’t know the current number, but again a small number growing very quickly.(20)
在中国,你看看 25%,当然,一个比我们大得多的国家。印度,我不知道当前的编号,但再小的数量增长非常迅速。

So most of the growth we expect in the web will actually be in those parts of the world that don’t yet have it.”(21)
所以大部分的 web,我们期望的增长实际上会在世界的那些还没有它的零件。

Jim Hendler has worked on the World Wide Web since its early days.(22)
吉姆 Hendler 自其早期曾在万维网。

Paul Levinson is a professor of communications and media studies at Fordham University in New York.(23)
保罗 · 莱文森是通信和媒体研究在纽约福特汉姆大学的教授。

He says recent events have shown the power that the Web has put in the hands of everyday people.(24)
他说: 最近的事件表明 Web 已放在平凡的人们手中的权力。

He notes examples like the Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street movement. Professor Levinson spoke to VOA on Skype.(25)
他注意到像阿拉伯之春和占领华尔街运动的例子。莱文森教授对美国之音说 Skype。

He says the web is a tool that he considers unequaled in its reach and influence.(26)
他说: 网络是一个工具,他认为在其覆盖面和影响力无与伦比。

“(What) we have now is a battle.(27)
"我们现在有 (什么) 是一场战斗。

On the one hand, the governments are more aware of these devices, and they are more aware of what used to be called and still could be called ‘citizen journalism.’(28)

But on the other hand, there are more smart phones out there than ever before.(29)

And I think so far – and this is good for democracy and the expression of human ideas – so far the people are winning.”(30)
我认为到目前为止 — — 和这是很好的民主与表达的人类的想法 — — 到目前为止,人民正在赢得胜利"。

Twenty-five years after its invention, billions of people now use the World Wide Web.(31)
25 年后它的发明,数十亿人现在使用万维网。

But James Hendler of the Rensselaer Institute says only a small part of the web’s potential has been realized.(32)
但詹姆斯 Hendler 伦斯勒研究所的说,已实现的 web 的潜力只有一小部分。

“Here is this force that has really changed society in so many different ways.(33)

We understand sort of the mathematics of the computer network underneath it and the engineering of that, but we really don’t understand the social impact.(34)

There’s more and more research that’s starting to study what are those different effects?(35)

How do they affect society? How do we build the web and keep the web open and free?(36)
他们是如何影响社会?我们如何建立 web 和保持 web 打开和免费吗?

How do we really understand the impacts of this thing we call the World Wide Web?”(37)

Tim Berners-Lee went on to create the World Wide Web Foundation.(38)
蒂姆 · 伯纳斯-李去创建万维网基金会。

The group says in its mission statement that it wants to establish the open web as a global public good and basic right.(39)

Let's Look into the Future (40)

O. K.  We think we understand the Internet as it is today, but how might technology influence our lives 10 years from now?(41)
O.K.我们认为我们了解互联网,为它就是今天,但怎么可能技术影响我们的生活从现在开始的 10 年呢?

A new report has combined the “imaginings,” or opinions, of about 1,500 experts.(42)
一份新报告结合了"幻想"或约 1,500 专家的意见。

The report was a project of the Pew Research Center and Elon University in the United States. Mario Ritter joins us with that part of the story.(43)

Elon University Professor Janna Anderson was one of the lead writers of the report.(44)

She says the experts generally agreed on the kinds of changes that would take place.(45)

But she says their ideas were very different when they described how those changes would influence Internet users.(46)

Many of the experts said they believe that the Internet would become less noticeable, but tied to daily life “like electricity.”(47)

The report said increasing the availability and use of the Internet would produce more connectivity between people and machines.(48)

This connectivity, it says, “will change everything from personal interactions to the decisions made by governments around the world.”(49)

Many of the predictions are a sign of improvements in the future. But the experts also expressed concern.(50)

Pew Research and Elon University have been doing similar studies since 2004.(51)
皮尤研究和伊隆大学一直做类似的研究自 2004 年以来。

Janna Anderson says excitement over technology has dropped somewhat over the past 10 years.(52)
简娜 · 安德森说: 科技的热潮已下降有些在过去的 10 年。

In 2004, she says, most experts talked about all of the good things that progress in technology would bring.(53)
2004 年,她说,大多数专家谈一切好的东西,技术的进步将使。

Now, she says, there is more discussion about the negative results from the Internet.(54)

Janna Anderson says, “People are starting to realize that the power of communication can be used by anyone, good or bad.”(55)
简娜 · 安德森说,"人们开始意识到沟通的力量,可由任何人,好或坏"。

The experts told researchers the increasing reach of the Internet will strengthen connectivity worldwide.(56)

And they said this could lead to “more positive relationships among societies.”(57)

The report noted that what some observers have called the “Internet of Things” will become more important.(58)

In the future, common devices from coffee makers to electric toothbrushes will be connected to the World Wide Web.(59)

The huge amount of information that all these devices produce will be linked with mechanical, or artificial, intelligence.(60)

This, the experts say, “will make people more aware of the world and their own behavior.”(61)

Other important devices will be the ones people wear to improve, or augment, reality. These devices can study your daily activities and provide suggestions.(62)

For example, they could provide suggestions to improve personal health.(63)

However, there were also predictions of increasing problems for the Internet.(64)

Some experts noted that “abuses and abusers” involved in pornography, crime and bullying will become an increasing problem.(65)
一些专家指出"虐待和滥用者"参与色情、 犯罪和欺凌将日益成为一个问题。

The report warned that governments and businesses could threaten Internet freedom.(66)

And it says the idea of privacy will continue to disappear and be available only to those who have the ability to pay for it.(67)

The report, of course, is only a set of predictions.(68)

But Janna Anderson says that after examining thousands of predictions about the Internet, many of them proved to be right. I’m Mario Ritter.(69)
但简娜 · 安德森说其中许多人在审查数以千计的互联网的预测后, 证明是正确。我是马里奥里特尔。

And I’m Jim Tedder in Washington. Thank you for being a part of our world …As It Is …on VOA.(70)

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