Valentine's Day: A History of the Day of Love
2014-02-14 00:30:46

Welcome to American Mosaic in VOA Learning English. I'm June Simms. On the show today we explore the history of Valentine's Day.(1)
欢迎来到美国马赛克在美国之音学习英语。我 6 月西姆斯。上节目今天我们探讨历史的情人节。

Happy Valentine’s Day! Americans celebrate the holiday each year on February fourteenth. So do candy companies, jewelry stores and people selling flowers.(2)
情人节快乐 !美国人庆祝节日每 2 年月第十四届。所以糖果公司、 饰品店和卖花的人。

Marsha James tells us more about Valentine’s Day in the United States.(3)
玛莎 · 詹姆斯告诉我们更多关于情人节的时候在美国。

Valentine’s Day is for lovers. It is a good day to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend to marry you. It is also a popular day for marriage ceremonies.(4)

But, other couples might celebrate with dinner at a nice restaurant.(5)

The holiday is named for Saint Valentine. He was an early Christian clergyman who was said to have helped young lovers.(6)

Valentine was executed for his Christian beliefs on February fourteenth, more than one thousand seven hundred years ago. But the day that has his name is even older than that.(7)

The ancient Romans celebrated a holiday for lovers more than two thousand years ago.(8)

As part of the celebration, each girl reportedly wrote her name on a piece of paper and put it in a large container.(9)

Each boy reached into the container and pulled out the name of a girl. That girl became his girlfriend for a year.(10)

Lovers still put their names on pieces of paper on Valentine’s Day. They send each other cards that express their love.(11)

Sometimes they send other gifts, too, like jewelry… or flowers… or candy…or all three!(12)
有时他们发送其他礼品太,比如首饰...或花...或糖果...或所有三个 !

So Valentine’s Day is big business in America. The National Retail Federation is a trade group. The federation represents retail stores in the United States and other countries.(13)

It expects the average American to spend about $134 for Valentine’s Day this year.(14)
它预计平均每个美国今年情人节花约 134 元。

That is up about three dollars from 2013. The organization also says men will about twice as much on their partners as women will.(15)
这是从 2013 年起约三美元。该组织还说男人会关于在其伴侣作为妇女的两倍将。

And it says it expects total spending for Valentine’s Day in the United States to reach about $17.3 billion.(16)
它说,它预计总支出为情人节在美国达到约 173 亿美金。

I'm June Simms. Join us again next week for American Mosaic from VOA Learning English.(17)
我 6 月西姆斯。加入我们下周再为美国马赛克从美国之音学习英语。

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