Budding recreational pot industry sparks innovation and investment
2014-06-16 22:30:41

GWEN IFILL: With recreational marijuana already legal in Colorado and Washington,(1)
GWEN IFILL:与娱乐大麻已经法律在科罗拉多州和华盛顿,

and efforts to legalize its use under way in as many as a dozen other states, start-up businesses, and their financial backers,(2)
并努力使它的使用正在合法化在十几个其他国家、 初创企业和其资金赞助者,

are scrambling to get in on the ground floor of a newly legitimate industry.(3)

Paul Solman recently met up with a few. It’s part of his ongoing reporting Making Sense of financial news.(4)
Paul 核武器最近遇到了几个。它的一部分对他正在进行报告制作的财经新闻。

LESLIE BOCSKOR, Investor: This is a unique moment in history, and these days will never return again.(5)
LESLIE BOCSKOR, Investor:这是一个独特的时刻,在历史上,和这些天永远不会再回来。

MAN: This is like the wild West right now, right, unfolding before our eyes.(6)

PAUL SOLMAN: A flock of gung-ho investors who’ve traveled to a hotel north of Boston to hear product pitches in an industry that, until recently, was strictly illicit.(7)
PAUL SOLMAN:一群长庚-浩投资者去过波士顿听到产品北部酒店球场在一个行业中,直到最近,是严格非法。

TROY DAYTON, Co-Founder, The Arcview Group: It’s a really, really beautiful scene, to look out and see the people who are shaping the next great American industry, the cannabis industry.(8)
TROY DAYTON, Co-Founder, The Arcview Group:这是真的,真的很漂亮的场景,来看看外面,看看那些正在塑造下一个伟大的美国工业,大麻产业的人。

PAUL SOLMAN: Troy Dayton is co-founder of Arcview Investors, which vets and funds canna-biz entrepreneurs. Just a year ago, Dayton noted:(9)
PAUL SOLMAN:特洛伊代顿是 Arcview 的投资者,其中负责审核及资金美人蕉 biz 企业家的创始人之一。只是在一年前,代顿指出:

TROY DAYTON: We had 40 people in a conference room. And now we have over 200 people out there today.(10)
TROY DAYTON:我们在一间会议室 40 人。而我们现在有 200 多人在那里今天。

The last few months, the interest level from investors has been astounding.(11)

PAUL SOLMAN: Presumably, that’s because legal recreational pot is finally here.(12)
PAUL SOLMAN:据推测,这是因为法律娱乐锅是最后在这里。

MAN: Got some legal weed.(13)

PAUL SOLMAN: Only in Colorado and Washington for now, but, says the Marijuana Policy Project’s Rob Kampia:(14)
PAUL SOLMAN:只有在科罗拉多州和华盛顿现在,但是,说大麻政策项目 Rob Kampia:

ROB KAMPIA, Executive Director, Marijuana Policy Project: We expect to legalize marijuana in Rhode Island and Alaska this year,(15)
ROB KAMPIA, Executive Director, Marijuana Policy Project:我们期望这一年,在罗德岛和阿拉斯加,大麻合法化

and we will probably end up with about 12 states over the next four years.(16)
和我们很可能最终会与约 12 国家未来四年。

PAUL SOLMAN: This sets the stage for a gold rush that could conceivably rival the repeal of prohibition.(17)
PAUL SOLMAN:这将设置可以想象竞争对手禁酒令废除的淘金热的阶段。

In Colorado alone, state officials predict a billion dollars in sales,(18)
在单独的科罗拉多州,州政府官员预测 10 亿美金的销售,

and over $100 million in tax revenues this very first year, despite the fact that because of federal drug laws, banks and credit card companies are still keeping their distance.(19)
和美元的税收收入第一,尽管今年的事实因为联邦药品法规,银行和信用卡公司仍然保持他们之间的距离超过 1 亿。

Now, there were no actual product samples at this recent conference outside Boston — Massachusetts allows only medical marijuana — but plenty of buzz nonetheless.(20)
现在,有没有实际产品样本在外面波士顿这最近的会议 — — 马萨诸塞州允许只医用大麻 — — 但充足的 buzz 尽管如此。

JON COOPER, Co-Founder, Ebbu: Would you like a drink, or perhaps an Ebbu?(21)
JON COOPER, Co-Founder, Ebbu:你想喝一杯或也许 Ebbu 吗?

PAUL SOLMAN: Jon Cooper and Dooma Wendschuh had an old-fashioned sales pitch for their newfangled product line.(22)
PAUL SOLMAN:乔恩 · 库珀和杜 Wendschuh 了老式的推销他们的新奇产品线的。

MAN: We’re just months away from being the first cannabis company that can guarantee a specific, consistent response to our products.(23)

MAN: So these would be feelings like energy, or chill, or giggles.(24)

PAUL SOLMAN: Chill as in relaxed, one of five branded highs Ebbu will offer, via five different delivery mechanisms, if and when marijuana is fully legalized.(25)
PAUL SOLMAN:冷静和放松,一的五个品牌的高点 Ebbu 将提供,通过五个不同的交付机制,如果和当大麻完全合法。

People here were pitching from the stage, in the hallways, during speed-dating sessions with would-be investors.(26)

And the products they were pitching ranged from the most mundane business and financial services to paraphernalia long the sole province of head shops, augmented by high tech.(27)

Jason Levin and Jessica Riley were here with their Spyre, sort of an e-cigar.(28)
Jason 莱文和杰西卡 · 莱利在这里与他们的 Spyre 的 e-雪茄的排序。

Why is it better than a joint, or in this case a blunt?(29)

JASON LEVIN, CEO, UpToke: For one, it’s vaporization, so you’re not taking in carcinogens and you’re not creating any kind of that tar,(30)
JASON LEVIN, CEO, UpToke:一方面,它的汽化,所以你不参加的致癌物质,你不去创造,焦油,任何一种

or residue that’s going to clunk up your lungs and cause you to cough and wheeze.(31)

PAUL SOLMAN: Well, without necessarily buying the health claims, the aim seems straightforward enough: a standardized, regulated product.(32)
PAUL SOLMAN:好吧,不一定买健康声称,目的似乎非常简单: 一个标准化的、 有管理的产品。

Arcview co-founder Steve DeAngelo.(33)
Arcview 创始人 Steve 安杰。

STEVE DEANGELO, Co-Founder, The Arcview Group: Sadly, today, the cannabis consumer in most places around the world is in the same position that the meat consumer was in before Upton Sinclair wrote “The Jungle,” and we had modern sanitary regulations.(34)
STEVE DEANGELO, Co-Founder, The Arcview Group:可悲的是,今天,大麻消费者在世界各地的大部分地方是在相同的位置就是肉类消费在厄普顿 · 辛克莱尔写了"丛林"之前,我们有现代卫生法规。

PAUL SOLMAN: It’s a problem one significant segment of this budding industry addresses.(35)
PAUL SOLMAN:它是这个萌芽问题一个重大部分行业地址。

NARRATOR: MyDx will empower manufacturers, distributors, regulators and consumers to test the safety and potency of cannabis.(36)
NARRATOR:MyDx 将授权制造商、 分销商、 监管机构和消费者要测试的安全性和效力的大麻。

PAUL SOLMAN: Daniel Yazbeck helped invent MyDx, a portable pot analyzer.(37)
PAUL SOLMAN:Daniel 本该帮助发明 MyDx,一种便携式锅分析仪。

MAN: Now, that’s going to vaporize the sample and start sniffing the chemicals, like THC and CBD, which determines how you feel or what ailments you relieve.(38)
MAN:现在,那会蒸发的样品和开始嗅探化学品,就像货柜码头处理费和生物多样性公约 》,这决定了你的感受或什么疾病你减轻。

PAUL SOLMAN: Pretty much what the Ebbu guys are going for with their branded highs.(39)
PAUL SOLMAN:很多什么的 Ebbu 人会自己品牌的高点。

JON COOPER: We’re creating a lot of intellectual property associated with how a person actually is experiencing that ratio of cannabinoids and terpenes.(40)
JON COOPER:我们正在创造大量的知识产权相关的如何一个人其实体验这一比例的大麻素和萜类化合物。

PAUL SOLMAN: Investor Todd Steinberg was impressed.(41)
PAUL SOLMAN:托德 · 斯坦伯格的投资者留下了深刻印象。

TODD STEINBERG, Investor: I think what Mondavi did for the wine industry in the United States, a product like this and a company like this could do.(42)
TODD STEINBERG, Investor:我认为 Mondavi 为葡萄酒业在美国,像这样的产品做了什么,像这样一家公司能做。

PAUL SOLMAN: Fortunes seemed to beckon to those who place the right bets early enough, just as with computers and the Internet, where investors like these made their own first scores.(43)
PAUL SOLMAN:命运似乎向那些足够早,就像计算机和互联网,投资者喜欢这些做他们自己第一次的成绩在哪里进行正确投注的人招手。

MAN: This really does resemble the I.T. industry and the computer industry in the 1980s.(44)
MAN:这真的不会类似于 I.T.行业和计算机行业在上世纪 80 年代。

LESLIE BOCSKOR: I was an investment banker who focused exclusively on the Internet and new media in the late ’90s and early — and mid-’90s.(45)
LESLIE BOCSKOR:我是一位投资银行家专注于互联网和新媒体在九十年代后期和早 — — 和 90 年代中期。

And this is a bigger opportunity than that even was.(46)

TOM BOLLICH, CEO, Surna: One of the things I have learned from doing Zynga is that you can tell when something’s like — an industry’s going to be big.(47)
TOM BOLLICH, CEO, Surna:我从做 Zynga 已经学到的东西之一就是你可以当某些东西的样子 — — 一个行业将会大的。

PAUL SOLMAN: Tom Bollich made his millions investing in and helping run the video game titan Zynga.(48)
PAUL SOLMAN:汤姆 Bollich 赚了几百万投资并帮助运行视频游戏巨头 Zynga。

NARRATOR: Experience a completely new farm filled with all new activities.(49)

PAUL SOLMAN: Who could have dreamed that, at its peak, “FarmVille” would boast 84 million users and spawn a brood of similar digital diversion?(50)
PAUL SOLMAN:谁能梦想,在其鼎盛时期,《 开心农场 》 将拥有 8400 万用户和产卵一窝的类似数字转移?

So why not invest in his new venture, Surna, which makes energy-efficient climate control systems for indoor cultivation.(51)

TOM BOLLICH: This is the next big industry, so might as well be in it.(52)
TOM BOLLICH:这是下一个大产业,所以可能也是在它。

PAUL SOLMAN: What do your billionaire entrepreneur high-tech friends think about you in the marijuana industry?(53)
PAUL SOLMAN:你亿万富翁企业家高科技的朋友觉得你在大麻行业如何?

TOM BOLLICH: They think this is the best idea I have ever had.(54)
TOM BOLLICH:他们认为这是我曾有过的最好的主意。

PAUL SOLMAN: Nate Ames, co-inventor of a machine that distills plant oils, is a good example how far this industry may reach.(55)
PAUL SOLMAN:内特埃姆斯,提取植物精油,机器的发明者之一是多远这个行业可能会达到很好的例子。

MAN: We actually started the business for decaffeinating and then the cannabis industry found us.(56)

PAUL SOLMAN: Their sales have since shot up 10-fold.(57)
PAUL SOLMAN:他们的销售以来暴涨 10 倍。

So, now were you guys marijuana users in college who thought, hey, we can take this technology we have learned and apply it to something we care about?(58)

MAN: No, sir. In fact, nobody in our company partakes in cannabis use. It’s illegal in our state. We’re from Ohio, so far as I’m concerned, it’s still illegal.(59)

PAUL SOLMAN: Fair to say, though, that most at this conference were as much devotees of the herb as economic opportunists.(60)
PAUL SOLMAN:公平地说,虽然这次会议的大部分都是一样多的奉献者的草药作为经济机会主义者。

STEVE DEANGELO: Oh, well, I have been a cannabis activist and entrepreneur since I was about 15 years old.(61)
STEVE DEANGELO:哦,嗯,自从我有一个大麻维权人士和企业家我是 15 岁左右。

PAUL SOLMAN: In addition to co-founding Arcview Investors, Steve DeAngelo is head of the Harborside Health Center in Oakland, the nation’s largest medical marijuana dispensary.(62)
PAUL SOLMAN:除了共同成立 Arcview 投资者,Steve 安杰是在奥克兰,全国最大的医用大麻药房港滨健康中心的负责人。

For DeAngelo, it all started nearly half-a-century ago, at age 13, when a friend turned him on, and he had what he calls a life-changing spiritual experience.(63)
为安杰,一切都开始近半个世纪前,在 13 岁,当一位朋友拒绝了他,和他有他所谓的改变生命的精神体验。

STEVE DEANGELO: The way that the sunlight filtered through the leaves,(64)
STEVE DEANGELO:阳光透过树叶,筛选方式

and the way that the guppies swam in the water, and the way that the wind blew in my hair, I felt all of these things simultaneously,(65)

and felt connected to them in this really profound way that I never had been before.(66)
而觉得连接到他们这样以前, 从来没有过过的真的很深刻。

PAUL SOLMAN: I myself first smoked grass excitedly in my late teens.(67)
PAUL SOLMAN:我自己第一次吸草兴奋地在我少年晚期。

But I quit a few years later when it began to freak me out. I know others who’ve had much worse reactions.(68)

TROY DAYTON: It’s not a panacea and it’s not harmless. I do think that some people have challenges with it.(69)
TROY DAYTON:它也不是万能,它不是无害的。我认为有些人有与它的挑战。

PAUL SOLMAN: So, possibly dangerous, says Troy Dayton, but compared to what?(70)
PAUL SOLMAN:所以,可能有危险,说特洛伊代顿,但相比于什么?

TROY DAYTON: With cannabis, I don’t think we’re going to see even remotely a fraction of the social costs that we see from alcohol.(71)
TROY DAYTON:与大麻,我不认为我们要去看甚至远程从酒精,我们看到的社会成本的一小部分。

And one of the things I think cannabis is so great for, for so many people, is it gives them a moment to relax and reflect, and to think about what really matters to them.(72)

PAUL SOLMAN: But what if they get too relaxed, asks California Governor Jerry Brown?(73)
PAUL SOLMAN:但如果他们得到太过放松,问加州州长杰里 · 布朗吗?

GOV. JERRY BROWN, D, Calif.: How many people can get stoned and still have a great state or a great nation? The world’s pretty dangerous, very competitive.(74)
GOV. JERRY BROWN, D, Calif.:有多少人可以喝醉和仍然有一个伟大的国家或一个伟大的国家吗?世界上很危险的极具竞争力。

I think we need to stay alert, if not 24 hours a day, more than some of the potheads might be able to put together.(75)
我想我们需要保持警惕,如果不是 24 小时一天,比一些瘾君子更可能能够放在一起。

PAUL SOLMAN: Of course, most of these folks would disagree.(76)
PAUL SOLMAN:当然,大部分的这些人会不同意。

MAN: Cannabis stimulates my mind.(77)

PAUL SOLMAN: But some seemed to sympathize with Jerry Brown. Longtime marijuana users?(78)
PAUL SOLMAN:但一些似乎同情杰里 · 布朗。长期的大麻使用者吗?

JESSICA RILEY, UpToke: On and off. Right now, off, because it turns out running a start-up takes a lot of time, and you can’t exactly show up to one of these things stoned.(79)
JESSICA RILEY, UpToke:打开和关闭。现在,关闭,因为它原来运行启动需要大量的时间,和你不能完全显示的这些东西,用石头打死一个。

PAUL SOLMAN: Because, if you do, you might just get weeded out in this new frontier of, to use our last obligatory pot pun, high finance.(80)
PAUL SOLMAN:因为,如果你做,你可能只是会被淘汰掉在这个新的前沿的使用我们最后的强制锅双关,金融高。

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