Top 5 Songs for Week Ending Feb. 8
2014-02-06 18:55:05

We’re counting down the five most popular songs on the Billboard Hot 100 pop singles chart, for the week ending February 8, 2014.(1)
我们把算下来在广告牌热 100 流行单打图表上的五个最受欢迎歌曲为终了 2014 年 2 月 8 日的一周。

Top 5 Songs for Week Ending Feb. 8(2)
截至 2 月 8 日一星期前 5 首歌曲

1. "Dark Horse" Katy Perry featuring Juicy J(3)
1."黑马"凯蒂佩里特色多汁 J

2. "Timber" Pitbull featuring Ke$ha(4)
2."木材"Pitbull 特色 Ke$ ha

3. "Counting Stars OneRepublic(5)
3."盘点明星 OneRepublic

4. "Say Something" A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera(6)
4."说什么"大世界 & 克里斯蒂娜 · 阿奎莱拉

5. "The Monster" Eminem featuring Rihanna(7)

We get a new singles champ this week, who’s no stranger to the throne.(8)

That’s still to come; for now let’s start in fifth place, where Eminem and Rihanna hold steady with “The Monster.” Both artists just made it onto a high-powered list.(9)
这仍是来 ;现在让我们在第五位,开始阿姆和蕾哈娜举行稳定与"怪兽"。两位艺术家只是作出它到一个大马力的列表上。

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry just issued its list of the 10 most popular acts in the world - and both Eminem and Rihanna made the cut.(10)
国际唱片业联合会刚刚发布的世界 — — 的 10 最受欢迎的行为其列表和阿姆和蕾哈娜做切。

He’s in second place, she’s in eighth. In case you’re wondering, One Direction took first place.(11)

A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera tread water in fourth place with “Say Something.” A Great Big World also debuts on this week’s album chart.(12)
大世界和克里斯蒂娜 · 阿奎莱拉踏水在第四个地方"说事"大世界也在这周的专辑图表上首次亮相。

On January 21, the group released its debut album Is There Anybody Out There? The answer is definitely “yes” - because it opens at a healthy number three on the latest Billboard album chart.(13)
1 月 21 日,集团发布了其首次亮相专辑是没有任何人出来那里吗?答案肯定是"yes"-因为它打开健康的第三位最新的广告牌专辑图表上。

It looks like OneRepublic will fall short of achieving a chart milestone.(14)
它看起来 OneRepublic 将不能实现图表的一个里程碑。

They stay put in third place with “Counting Stars.” Although this song hit number one in the United Kingdom, it stopped at second place in the United States.(15)

To date, OneRepublic has never topped the Hot 100 chart - but of course, that could all change next week.(16)
到目前为止,OneRepublic 联从未超过热 100 图表-但当然,可能彻底改变下个星期。

Speaking of changes, Pitbull and Ke$ha end their reign atop the hit list, as “Timber” falls to number two. Ke$ha was not the first choice for this song.(17)
说到变化,Pitbull 和 Ke$ 医管局结束其统治艾特命中列表,如"木材"落到第二个。Ke$ ha 不是这首歌的第一选择。

Pitbull initially wanted Rihanna; however, she was busy recording her duet with Shakira, “Can’t Remember To Forget You.”(18)
Pitbull 最初想要蕾哈娜 ;然而,她正忙着记录她二重唱与夏奇拉,"不能记住要忘了你"。

​Jumping a slot to number one is Katy Perry with "Dark Horse" featuring Juicy J of Three 6 Mafia. This is her ninth U.S. number one pop single in only five years.... pretty impressive.(19)
跳到第一个插槽是凯蒂佩里与"黑马"设有三个 6 黑手党的多汁 J。这是她第九届美国头号流行单仅用五年时间,令人印象深刻。

Can “Dark Horse” win the race again next week? Join us in seven days to find out.(20)

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