Top 5 Countdown for Week Ending Jan. 18
2014-01-15 16:34:29

We’re looking at the five most popular songs in the Billboard Hot 100 pop singles chart, for the week ending January 18, 2014.(1)
我们看的五个最受欢迎歌曲在广告牌热 100 流行单打图表中,为 2014 年 1 月 18 日终了的一周。

This week, three of our songs change places - that’s major movement compared with the last two weeks.(2)

Top 5 Songs for Week Ending Jan. 18(3)
截至 1 月 18 一星期前 5 首歌曲

1. "Timber" - Pitbull featuring Ke$ha(4)
1."木材"-Pitbull 特色 Ke$ ha

2. "Counting Stars" - OneRepublic(5)

3. "The Monster" - Eminem featuring Rihanna(6)

4. "Royals" - Lorde(7)
4."皇室"-· 罗德

5. "Say Something" - A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera(8)
5."说这种事情"-大世界 & 克里斯蒂娜 · 阿奎莱拉

We start in fifth place, where A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera hold steady with “Say Something.”(9)
我们开始在第五位,在 A 大世界和克里斯蒂娜 · 阿奎莱拉保持稳定与 「 说的东西。

Christina heads to New Orleans in April for a high-profile gig.(10)
克里斯蒂娜元首到新奥尔良 4 月高调表演。

The lineup for this year’s New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival was announced this week, and Christina is in the mix;(11)
今年的新奥尔良爵士乐 & 遗产节阵容宣布了这一周内,和克里斯蒂娜是一个融合 ;

other headliners include Arcade Fire, Eric Clapton, Bruce Springsteen, and Vampire Weekend. Festivities begin on April 25..(12)
其他顶篷包括拱廊之火、 埃里克 · 克莱普顿、 布鲁斯 · 斯普林斯汀和吸血鬼周末。庆祝活动于 4 月 25 日开始...

Lorde, who holds steady at number four with "Royals" has concert news of her own.(13)
· 罗德,拥有稳定在第四个"皇室"有她自己的音乐会消息。

The New Zealand teenager kicks off her headlining North American tour on March 3 in Austin, Texas…and all 16 U.S. dates are sold out.(14)
新西兰青少年序幕她大字的北美巡演 3 月 3 日在德克萨斯州的奥斯汀,......,所有 16 美国日期销。

Now here's where things change: after four weeks at the top, Eminem and Rihanna fall to third place with “The Monster.” The rapper took Canada by storm in 2013.(15)
Now here's where things change:四个星期后在顶部,阿姆和蕾哈娜掉落到第三个地方与"怪兽"。这位说唱歌手在 2013 年由风暴了加拿大。

He was the bestselling artist of the year, while The Marshall Mathers LP 2 was the year’s top album: it sold 242,000 units.(16)
他是该年的畅销书艺术家而马歇尔 Mathers LP 2 则是今年的最佳专辑: 它卖 242,000 单位。

OneRepublic has never enjoyed a U.S. number one single, but that may soon change: “Counting Stars” this week rises a slot to second place, edging one slot closer to its first Stateside Hot 100 victory.(17)
OneRepublic 从未享受过美国第一单,但这可能会很快改变:"数星星"本周上升一个插槽到第二个地方,磨边一个插槽更接近于其第一本土热 100 场胜利。

The song already hit first place in Israel, Poland, Scotland, and the United Kingdom.(18)
这首歌已经打在以色列、 波兰、 苏格兰和英国的第一个地方。

Earlier this month, Pitbull and Ke$ha went all the way to the top in the U.K. with “Timber,” and this week we in the United States follow suit - it jumps one slot to take the prize.(19)
本月早些时候,Pitbull 和 Ke$ 医管局去到顶在英国,与"木材"和这一周我们在美国跟进-它跳一个插槽,拿了奖。

Unfortunately, Ke$ha’s currently in rehab for an eating disorder, while her mother recently checked herself into the same facility for post-traumatic stress disorder.(20)
不幸的是,Ke$ 委目前在康复中心为饮食失调,而她的母亲最近签入自己到创伤后应激障碍的相同设备。

Will “Timber” hold at the top for a second week? Katy Perry’s new hit “Dark Horse” is moving up fast - join us next week to see what happens.(21)

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