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Minister: Pakistan Could Block US Supply Lines to Afghanistan


Kurds Criticizes Turkey’s Plan to Move Ballot Boxes


Scientists to Use DNA in Search for Loch Ness Monster


Hong Kong Researchers Worried About Possible ‘Loyalty Test’


Nigerian University Stays Open, Ignoring Boko Haram Threats


Strong Demand in Illegal Pangolin Trade Leads Countries to Take Action


New Details of Sunken Treasure Ship Released


20 Years Later, Indonesia Reflects on Its Democratic Experiment


Trump Calls Off June 12 Meeting with North Korean Leader


Russians Downed Malaysia Passenger Plane in 2014


France Worries New US Sanctions on Iran Could Hurt Middle East


Irish Voters to Decide Whether to Change Abortion Law


UN Condemns Collective Expulsions of Migrants From Algeria


Venezuelan President Wins Second Six-Year Term


Somali Fishermen Struggle to Compete with Foreign Fishing Boats


Chinese Tourists Fuel Tension in Vietnam


Australia Increases Efforts to Protect Koalas


World Bank Head Calls for Business-like Effort on Health, Education


Chile’s Catholic Bishops Offer to Resign Over Sex Abuse Cover-up


Plane Carrying More Than 100 People Crashes in Cuba


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