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Researchers Discover Meat-Eating Plant in Canada


Sunlight-Powered Spacecraft Set to Launch Aboard SpaceX Rocket


US Astronauts Look Forward to New Space Mission


Apple to Add New Software, Privacy Tool, End iTunes


World’s Costliest Medicine Is Gene Treatment Priced at $2 Million


Launch of Satellites Leads to Rise in UFO Reports


World’s Oldest Fossil Fungus Found


Researchers: AI System Greatly Improves Lung Cancer Predictions


US Sports Teams Use High-Tech Treatments to Reduce Injuries


‘Zombie Cells’: Researchers Fight Aging Process of the Human Body


Salt Batteries Could Be Major Step in Move Away from Fossil Fuels


Report: Amazon Boxing Machines Work Much Faster than Humans


Scientists Create New Plastic that Could Be Fully Recyclable


Tyrannosaurus Rex Developed from a Child-Sized Dinosaur


Google Announces New Privacy Tools, Drops Price of New Pixel Phone


Scientists Create Device to Turn Brain Signals into Speech


Scientists: Human Footprint Found in Chile Is Oldest in Americas


AI Cameras Aim to Guess Shopper’s Age, Sex and Mood


NASA, World Experts to Hold Exercise for Possible Asteroid Strike


NASA: Mars Lander Picked Up First-Ever ‘Marsquake’


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