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Study: Early Humans Partly to Blame for Cave Bears’ Disappearance


Scientists Find High Levels of Plastics in Arctic Snow


Scientists Find Bones from Giant Penguin in New Zealand


Apple Offers $1 Million to Anyone Who Can Break into iPhone


Japan Approves Test to Try to Grow Human Organs in Animals


In Greece's Aegean Sea, Divers Find 'Gulf of Plastic Corals'


Astronomers Make New Map of the Milky Way


UN: Climate Change to Affect Land Quality, Food Production


Hyundai Launches First Vehicle with Solar Roof Charging


NASA Satellite Discovers ‘First Nearby Super-Earth’


Solar Sail Experiment Demonstrates ‘Flight by Light’


After Apollo Anniversary, NASA Prepares for Return to Moon


Young People Solve the World’s Problems at Google Science Fair


Teen Gamer Wins $3 Million in Fortnite ‘World Cup’


Studying Opioid Users as They Try to Stop


Japan to Use Robot Assistants in 2020 Olympics


Scientists Say ‘Frozen Smoke’ Material Could Make Mars Livable


Can DNA Be Used to Store the World’s Computer Data?


How to Fight Climate Change? Plant a Trillion Trees


Report: Top Tech in 2019 Includes Bioplastics, Social Robots


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