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Turkish President Goes to Africa in Latest Effort to Expand Influence


Korean Company Announces Oil Discovery in South China Sea


Cambodian Rice Organization Facing Own Problems


Turkish Arms Industry Aiding Military Operation in Syria


Indonesia Passes Law to Stop Criticism of Politicians


Transparency International: Corruption Still a Problem in Africa


Amnesty International: Angry Speech Normal for Some Leaders


As Conditions in Gaza Worsen, Israel Turns to World for Help


More Schoolgirls Reportedly Kidnapped by Boko Haram


Aid Group Answers Questions About Sexual Wrongdoing


Mosquito Nets Widely Used for Fishing, Study Finds


As More People Move to Cities, China Eases Land Rules in Villages


Turkish Study Shows Public Support for Military Campaign in Syria


South African Parliament Names Ramaphosa President


South African President Jacob Zuma Resigns


Kim Jong Nam’s Killing, A Year Later


Kenya's Flower Industry Grows


South Africa’s ANC Party Orders President Zuma to Step Down


20-Year Sentence for Woman Linked to Former S. Korean President


At Olympics, North Korea Seeks ‘Charm’ Diplomacy


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