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South Korea Plans to Ban Bitcoin Trading


South Korea's President Willing to Talk with Kim Jong Un


Salvadorans Fear Their Country Is Unprepared for Returnees


UN: Cuts in Aid Would Hurt Palestinian Children


Vietnam Tries Former Oil Company Officials


Iran's President: Protests Directed at Political Leaders, Freedoms


Thai Street Food ‘Queen’ Wins Michelin Star Award


New Book Uses Photographs to Fight Stereotypes of Africa


African Environmentalists Praise China's Ivory Ban


China Offers to Work with US on Opioid Drug Crisis


Iran's Islamic Republic Faces Protests


Peruvian Writers Speak Out Against Fujimori Pardon


Trump Praises Iranian Protesters


South Korea Calls for Talks with North Korea on Winter Olympics


Restaurants to Offer Free Food from Leftovers


S. Korean President Calls Sex Slave Deal with Japan Problematic


Vietnam Launches Operation to Fight Against 'Wrong' Views


Fashion Show Brings Hope to Congo


Ukraine, Pro-Russian Forces Trade Prisoners to Mark the New Year


90 Percent of Kenyan Students Failed Secondary Exams


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