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WHO: 10 Percent of Drugs in Developing Countries Are Fake


Technology Leaders from Cambodia Leave US with Ideas


Have North Korea’s Weapons Tests Reached a 'Red Line?'


Still No Winner in Honduras Election


Yemen’s Ex-President Saleh Killed


No Online Sales for Chanel


Pollution, Overfishing Threaten Important Cambodian Lake


Jailed Uyghur Scholar Earns Freedom Award


Air Pollution Affecting Homeless in India’s Capital


Albino Student Receives Top Honors in Kenya's National Exam


Turkey, Iran Sign Trade Deal with Qatar


Trump Threatens ‘Major Sanctions’ after N. Korea Missile Launch


North Korea Fires Another ICBM


Bangladesh to House Rohingya in Flood-Prone Island


Television Star Leads Honduras Presidential Vote


Asian Countries Improve Economic Ties While Ignoring Other Issues


Pope Meets Myanmar’s Military Chief


South Korea Looks to Compete with China in the Philippines


UN: Yemen Is 'Worst Place on Earth to Be a Child'


Afghanistan's Local Police Provide Security, But Also Create Problems


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