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Zimbabwe’s New President Promises Reform, Urges Forgiveness


Militants Kill More Than 230 in Sinai Mosque Attack


Stopping Debt Payments Could Worsen Venezuela's Crisis


Former Bosnian Serb Commander Found Guilty of Genocide, War Crimes


The Problem with Long-Term Leaders


US Renews State Terror Declaration for North Korea


Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe Resigns


North Korea Slowly Goes Online


Too Much Tourism?


Vietnam's Tech Company Says Free Trade Will Help Expansion


Mugabe Makes First Appearance Since House Arrest


Indian Hindus Attacking Muslims, Stealing Their Cows


Sexual Assault Charges against Islamic Expert Shock Europe’s Muslims


Japan Seeks to Expand Influence in Southeast Asia


Zimbabwe’s President ‘Confined to Home’ after 37-Year Rule


Freedom House: Governments Suppressing Speech Online


South Korea Says North Shot at Soldier Trying to Defect


Deadly Earthquake Strikes Iran and Iraq


Burundi Refugees Fear Returning


In Lebanon, Musician Helps Voices of Children Rise Above Poverty


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