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Many North Koreans Depend on Informal Markets


Turkey's Africa Presence


India’s Currency Ban Under Fire One Year Later


Indonesian Village Uses Owls to Protect Crops


Trump in China: How Does America Fit into Xi’s ‘Chinese Dream?’


Mexico City Now Sends Earthquake Warnings to Phones


How Catalonia’s Independence Efforts Raise Tensions in Belgium


'Paradise Papers' Show Secret Wealth of Officials, Famous People


Saudi Crown Prince Detains Opponents, Expands Power


Saudi Arabia Is First Country to Give Citizenship to Robot


Vietnam Tech Startups Seek Next Step Forward


Laboratory in Netherlands to Help Find Missing People Worldwide


Blockchain to Fight Corruption in Southeast Asia


'Experience' Tourism Brings New Travelers to Africa


Report: Asia Now Has More Billionaires than US


South Korean President Says No to Nuclear Weapons


Saudi Arabia to Sell Shares of New Mega-City


Southeast Asian Leaders Go Soft on China Over Disputed Sea


Kenya’s President Named Winner of Disputed Election


India Sending Wheat through Iran to Afghanistan


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