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Report Says Tennis Has 'Significant' Integrity Problems


German Students Protest ‘Unfair’ English Exam


US Raises Concerns over China's Missiles in South China Sea


Vanuatu to Evacuate an Entire Island


Reports: Americans Held in N. Korea Have Been Moved


Asian Elephants Reported at Risk from Chinese Demand for Skin


Indian Court Orders Faster Investigations of Child Rape Cases


Iran Bans Use of Telegram Messaging Service


Islamic State Claims Responsibility for Kabul Bombings


Irrawaddy Dolphin Numbers Increase on Mekong River


Buddhist Festival in Thailand Celebrates Boys as ‘Princes’


Korean Leaders Agree to Goal of Removing Nuclear Arms


Scientists Say N. Korea's Nuclear Test Site Likely Collapsed


Central American Asylum-Seekers Reach US Border


New Reports Warn of Worldwide Threats to Freedom of the Press


Nonprofit Groups Try to Bring Education to Conflict Areas


Cryptocurrency Traders Use Old Gold to Interest Islamic Investors


Much Publicized ‘Day Zero’ Changed Cape Town Forever


Muppets Bring Middle East Version of ‘Sesame Street’ to Refugee Children


Saudi Women Buying More Makeup


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