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Scottish Leader Wants New Independence Vote Over Brexit


Tension Grows between Turkey and the Netherlands


UN Fund to Fight Cholera in Haiti at 2 Percent of Goal


Bolivian President Signs Law Doubling Land Used to Grow Coca


Study: Millions of Asians Paid Bribes for Public Services


South Korean President Forced from Office


Uruguay School Teaches Students to Respect the Environment


Video Said to Show Kim Jong Nam’s Son


Russia Marks 100-Year-Old Revolution


UN Diplomats Meet With Displaced People in Nigeria


Former CIA Head: Kim's Murder Designed to Remove Rival


US, Japan, S. Korea Explore Limits to N. Korea’s Arms


Malaysia Charges Women in Kim Jong Nam Killing


Indian Students Reconsider Plans for US Education


Cambodian Leader Praises Trump, Criticizes ‘Anarchy’ Media


American Mining Company Suspends Work in Dispute with Indonesia


South Korea Leads List of Life Expectancy Gains


Malaysia: VX Nerve Agent Killed North Korea’s Kim


Amnesty International Concerned About ‘Us Versus Them’


China Building Missile Structures in South China Sea


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