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U.N. Asks for Record $22 Billion to Aid World's Needy


Independent Defeats Populist in Austrian Presidential Election


South Korea, Japan Join United Nations in Punishing North Korea


Clothing Designer from Malawi Targets Overseas Markets


Africans’ Demand for Democracy Declines


Refugee Football Team Aims for Greek League


Pakistan's New Army Chief Takes Command


Austria Could Elect EU’s First Far-Right Leader


Report: Volunteer Who Dressed as Clown for Syrian Kids Killed


World’s Oldest Person Turns 117, Eats 2 Uncooked Eggs a Day


Lawyers, Teachers in Cameroon Strike for More English


Businessman Moise Set to Win Haiti's Presidential Election


Report: Vietnam Expands Military Runway in South China Sea


Thailand’s Parliament Officially Invites Prince to Be King


Plane Carrying Football Team From Brazil Crashes in Colombia


Will Death of Fidel Castro Improve Human Rights in Cuba?


Cameroon Taking Steps to Control Social Media


UN Warns of Worsening Situation for Displaced Afghans


Olive Trees Survive Islamic State Occupation


U.S. Government Sells Lucky Dollars for Chinese New Year


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