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Egyptian Court Cancels Life Sentence For Former President Morsi


3-D Printing Lets Blind Experience Famous Painting


Japanese Troops Arrive in South Sudan with Expanded Role


Opponents of Iran Nuclear Deal Urge Trump to Keep It


What Happens When a Dictator Dies?


Rising Number of Heroin Users on Kenya’s Coast


Kenya Expanding Purple Tea Production


Former Philippine President Marcos Buried with Military Honors


Lawyers in Cameroon Are Fighting the Justice System


Pakistan Orders Turkish Educators to Leave the Country


Why Are South African Students Protesting?


Former US Diplomat Suggests North Korea Policy Change


President-elect Trump to Meet with China's Xi


Poland's Lech Walesa Says Poverty Hurts Reform Efforts in North Korea


World Leaders Reach Out to US President-elect Donald Trump


France Breaks Up Migrant Camps in Paris, Calais


Thai Rice Farmers Hurt by Dropping Prices


Philippine Court Approves Hero’s Burial for Dictator Ferdinand Marcos


Schools Are Latest Victims in Kashmir Conflict


Study Explains Why Some Soccer Referees are Better than Others


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