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More Hardship in Afghanistan as 800,000 Afghans Return Home


Will the American Election Affect US Foreign Policy in Asia?


Turkey Suspends Thousands of Teachers in Kurdish Areas


How the Technology Industry Is Helping Refugees


Oil Producers Seek a Deal to Lift Prices


Nigerian Helps the Displaced by Selling Her Land


Indian Centers Prepare School Dropouts for Return to Classroom


South Korean President Calls for Change to Single Term Limit


More Than 60 Killed in Attack on Pakistan Police Training Center


Program Helps Former Somali Militants Reenter Society


Drones Helping to Save Lives in Rwanda and Madagascar


WHO Supports Taxes on Sugary Drinks


South Korean Parties Argue Over North Korea’s Influence


Syrian Man Brings Supplies to Children in Aleppo


Aid Group Says 5,000 Have Fled Mosul Fighting


UN Blames Afghan War for Almost 2,600 Deaths This Year


Will Philippines Cut Ties With US and Grow Closer to China?


‘Solar Tent’ Produces Better Results for Fishing Community in Malawi


Indian Police Make Arrests in Plot to Steal Money from Americans


New Rules Could Sink China’s Ride-Sharing Services


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