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Gorbachev Warns US-Russia Tensions Are at ‘Dangerous Point’


21 Kidnapped Chibok Girls Released in Nigeria


Thailand’s Long Serving King Dies


Nobel Prize Winners Studied Agreements Affecting Everyone


North Korean Nuclear Program Costs Flood Victims Aid


Religious Group Hated by Some Muslims Seeks Acceptance in US


EU Launches New Border Force to Slow New Arrivals


Poll Finds Majority of Filipinos Approve of Duterte


A Public Referendum: Not Always the 'Last Word'


Migration Out of the Middle East Shows No Signs of Slowing


Wildlife Convention Protects Animals Great and Small


Nobel in Physics Awarded for ‘Strange States’ of Matter


India's Dalits Seek an End to Social Barriers


Japanese Scientist Wins Nobel in Medicine


NATO Warns West Is Losing “Information War” Against Russia, Islamic State Group


Malawi Girls Learn to Defend Against Sexual Attack


Israel’s Shimon Peres Dies at 93


US Presidential Debate Shows Disagreement on Asia Policy


China to Trade its Currency in US


Philippine President to Seek Closer Ties with China & Russia


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