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Travelers Detail Dangerous Escape from South Sudan


Ocean Swallowing West African Coastline


A Home for Killers Is Now a Museum


2016 Most Dangerous Year Ever for Afghan Journalists


Nuclear Deal with Iran Turns One Year Old


US Defense Secretary Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan


Islamic State Gains 'Symbolic Victories'


Theresa May to Be Britain's Second Woman Prime Minister


North Korea Further Limits Communication with US


Japan to Move Slowly on Amending Constitution After Election


Ivory Coast Taekwondo Champions Head to Rio


Asian Countries Worry About Protectionism


Doctors in Uganda Are Only a Click Away


US, South Korea to Deploy THAAD Missile Defense


US Orders New Sanctions on North Korea


After Brexit, What Is Next?


Cambodia Can Export Travel Goods to US Duty-Free


North Korea Releases Dam Water into South Without Warning


Ghana Women in Business


Deadly Suicide Bombings in Baghdad


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