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As Europe's Prisons Fill Up, France Tries a Different Method


Trump Threatens Missile Strike to Answer Attack in Syria


Vietnam Activists: Facebook Content Restrictions Are Worsening


Trump, China Criticize Opposing Trade Actions


Abused Chimpanzees Find Home in Sierra Leone Wildlife Refuge


Robots Could Take Jobs from Africans, Researchers Warn


Argentina’s Farmers, Economy Hit Hard by Drought


Laos Fights to Protect Endangered Asiatic Black Bears


Aid Groups Send North Korea a Message, Aid in a Bottle


Former South Korean President Park Sentenced to 24 Years


Brazil High Court Rejects Lula Appeal to Stay Out of Jail


Presidents of Russia, Turkey, Iran Meet on Syria


China Answers US With $50 Billion in Tariffs


Migrants Bring Attention to US-Mexican Border Policies


In Trade Dispute, China Put Import Taxes on US Goods


US-South Korea Exercise May Be Part of Nuclear Deal


Winnie Mandela Dies at 81


Resistance to Ending Child Marriage Continues in Northern Nigeria


In India, More People Are Buying and Selling Gold Electronically


Venezuela’s Famous Youth Orchestra Faces Tough Times


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