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Olympic Doping Probe Focused on Russian Athletes


Philippines' Duterte Promises to Cut Crime, Corruption


200 Families Feared Buried in Sri Lanka Landslides


IS Delivers More Deadly Bombings in Iraq


ANC Accuses US of Undermining Mandela


North Korea Ex-Nuclear Envoy Named Foreign Minister


South Korean Han Kang Wins Important Writing Prize


Turkish Art Project Seeks to Bridge Ethnic Divide


Kenya to Close World’s Largest Refugee Camp


Venezuela’s President Declares State of Emergency as Economy Worsens


India Tobacco Industry Protests Picture Warnings


Clothing Factory Jobs Could Increase in South Asia


Large Diamond Could Be Sold for $70 Million


Many Pay Bribes for Basic Services in Middle East, Africa


As Olympics Near, Brazil's President Faces Senate Trial


US, Others Walk Out of Ugandan Inauguration


US Drone Maker to Fly Medicine in Rwanda


Japan Competes With China in ASEAN Role


Many Argue Against Britain Leaving EU


Anti-Muslim Attacks Rise in Britain


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