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To Avoid Humans, Tigers Take Night Shift


East African Farmers Plant Seeds of Innovation


Hundreds of Thousands of Cluster Munitions Destroyed


Men Face Higher Death Risk, But Why?


2012 Americana Music Award Nominees Announced


South Sudan Officials Warn Spread of Hepatitis B


Expanding Health Insurance in Developing Countries


Liberian Forestry Chief Suspended over Abuse Allegations


Urbanization Grows Worldwide


Small-Scale Irrigation Nets Large-Scale Payoff


Mandela Dream Still Project in Process


Ice Age Melt Offers Future Climate Clues


Searching for Animal Disease Transmission


Forbes Hails Changes in Africa’s Business Environment


Record Number of Africans Make Journey to Yemen


Where Do the World’s Poor Live?


Kenya Government Urged to Calm Tensions


Courier Delivery Becomes Race Against Clock in 'Premium Rush'


Refugee Crisis in South Sudan Is Getting Worse


Waste Not, Want Not


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