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Nigerian Project Envisions Improved Eyesight for Thousands


Protests grow in Khartoum


Clinton to Visit Egypt as Relations Change


Togo’s Prime Minister and Cabinet Step Down


United States Donates $10 Million for Refugee Relief in Mali


Somali Refugees May Face Severe Aid Shortages


Cheaper Drugs Allow Greater Treatment


Kenyan Hip Hop Artists Praise Inspirational Town


Fighting the Uphill Battle against AIDS


PEPFAR Evolves and Expands


Long-Lost Siblings Meet Up in 'People Like Us'


PEPFAR Goes Beyond HIV


WHO: Better HIV Antiretroviral Strategies Needed


UN says Journalists Need Greater Protection


In US, Few Roadside Attractions Remain


E-books Catch on at Public Library


Malian Army Says Mission is to Fight Northern Rebels


Freelance Journalist Helps Fuel Sudanese Street Protests on the Internet


Animal-to-Human Disease Cycle Widening


Study: Uneven Progress in Child Nutrition


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