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Ocean Levels Rising Fast on US Coasts


Helping Victims of Torture


Uganda Begins Search for Landslide Victims


Egyptian Scholar Calls for Inclusive Government


Former Canadian PM Calls for Improved Africa Infrastructure


Recent Economic Conference a Lesson for South Sudan, says Official


Rwanda ‘Committed to Strong’ Regional Integration—and Growth


Tanzania Official Calls for Strong Partnerships in Africa


South Sudan Introduces Programs to Attract Investors


West Africa Seen as Major Illicit Drug Trafficking Transit Hub


Virginia City Tops Amazon's 'Well Read' List


Egypt’s New President Faces Power Struggle with Military, says analyst


Student-Led Protests Spread Across Khartoum


Quirky Comedy Explores NY Dating Scene


Eternal City Shines in 'To Rome With Love'


At 75, New Deal's 'Green Towns' Endure


Somali President Wants Another Tenure


Egypt Military Election Stance Could Aggravate Crisis, says Analyst


Development Banks to Fund Sustainable Transport


Liberians not Responsible for Ivory Coast’s Instability


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