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US Media, Historians Mark 40th Anniversary of Watergate Scandal


Ongoing Clashes Impact South Kordofan Citizens


Better Cyber Security Urged in West Africa


Youth Banking to be Revitalized with Smartcards


African Banks Entice Customers with Mobile Money


Solar Plane Flies Over Moroccan Desert in Toughest Challenge Yet


Hit Musical 'Rock of Ages' Gets Movie Makeover


G20 Called on to Tackle Critical Issues


Strong Grassroots Support for Rebuilding Education in Conflict Countries


HIV Superinfections Appear Common


Debate Over US Flag Designer Continues


California, Oregon Battle Over Landmark Status


UNESCO Urges Increased Educational Support for Children in Conflict Zones


Nigeriens Use Simple Solutions to Help Avert Food Crisis


WFP Assists Africa’s Drought-Stricken Sahel


Ocean Floor is Prime Target of Mining Industry


South Sudan’s Upper Nile Scene of Refugee Influx


Study Details Political Caste System in North Korea


Malawi President To Visit U.S., Meet with Donors


'For Greater Glory' Dramatizes Mexican War


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