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Mauritius Ambassador Seeks Extension of AGOA Provision


Gabon Hosts First Pan-African Economic Global Summit


DRC Army Advances On Rebels Holdout, Says Official


U.S. Groups Meet to Discuss Action in Guinea


Stravinsky's 'Rite of Spring' Celebrates 100


Mukesh Kapila: Act Now or It will Be Too Late


Lantern Festival Shines Light on Chinese Culture


Libya Officials Reportedly Negotiating With Militia Over Airport Seizure


Plan Hatched to Lure Swallows Back to Capistrano


Office Cubicle Dwellers Build 'Walls' for Privacy


Sudan, South Sudan Begin Border Security Talks


African Contemporary Dance Flash Mob Hits US


Egypt’s State Of Emergency Law Expires


Anti-Slavery Activists Await Trial in Mauritania


Tim Burton Revives 60s Vampire Soap Opera 'Dark Shadows'


Ancient Mayan Artwork, Calculations Discovered


At Least 55 Killed in Damascus Suicide Car Bombings


Nigerian Midwives Improve Rural Healthcare


Artists Preview London Cultural Olympiad in New York


Path to Restoring Mali’s Democracy Set Back, Says Politician


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