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Relieving Pain and Suffering for Millions


Price of Oil Hits $100 a Barrel


Climate Change Affecting Water Resources


FAO: Animal to Human Disease More Likely


Pneumonia Kills One Million Kids Every Year


Foreign Students Boost US Innovation


Is War Inevitable?


Raising Awareness of Lead Poisoning


Study Aims to Stem Type-2 Diabetes


Survey: Poor Oral Health among Olympians


Indigenous Peoples have More Health Problems


World Bank Issues Regional Health Reports


Over a Billion Tons of Food Wasted Annually


Warmer Temps Trigger More Disease


Drug Abuse is Major Threat to Street Kids


Going Deaf, Sound Expert Races to Finish His Life's Work


Indigenous Peoples Stand Up to Exploitation


Common Chemical Many Damage Teeth


G8 to Tackle Trade, Taxes, Transparency


Women Bear Brunt of Population Growth


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