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Common Chemical Many Damage Teeth


Women Bear Brunt of Population Growth


Leaders Call for Investing in Girls


Global Water is Under Threat


3 Million Newborns Die Within First Month


Better Coverage of Rape is Needed


2012 Sees Record Number of Internally Displaced


Will There be Enough Water for Everyone?


Amnesty Warns of Misuse of Traded Weapons


Algeria Crisis Reveals Bigger Threat


Saving Lives, Saving Money


Libyan Crisis Highlighted Migrant Workers Plight


Amid Gloomy Climate News, Doha Talks Enter Final Week


Locust Swarms Forming in West Africa


Hundreds of Thousands of Cluster Munitions Destroyed


Record Number of Africans Make Journey to Yemen


US Drought Impacts Global Food Security


Air Pollution Threat Grows


Analyst: New Egyptian Cabinet Has Little Time to Achieve Results


Iraq Attacks Cloud Debate over Syria Intervention


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