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Forbes Hails Changes in Africa’s Business Environment


Where Do the World’s Poor Live?


S. Sudan Oil Shutdown Chokes Economy


Ocean Floor is Prime Target of Mining Industry


Mauritius Ambassador Seeks Extension of AGOA Provision


China Beats US as World's Top Auto Market


Critics Warn of ‘Oil Curse’ for Uganda


Ugandan Government Denies Secret Oil Deals; Says Extraction to Begin Within Five Years


Environmentalists Urge Oil Pollution Safeguards in Uganda


Uganda Parliament Pushes for Public Disclosure of Oil Contracts


Uganda Oil Contracts Cloaked in Secrecy


S. Korean Activists Resume Protests Against US Beef


US Furniture Capital Holds Annual Showcase


Ghana’s Youth Brainstorm Ways to Tackle Unemployment


Gabon Signs Deal to Build New Oil Refinery


Global Economy Still Viewed as Fragile


Stubborn Holdouts Trip Up Land Developers


Economists Say Africa’s Foreign Debt Fuels Capital Flight


New World Bank Chief to Face Many Challenges


Tax Evasion Possibly Biggest Drain of Money From Africa


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