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Chinese Billionaire Does Not See China-US Trade War


Thai Rice Farmers Hurt by Dropping Prices


Oil Producers Seek a Deal to Lift Prices


China to Trade its Currency in US


California Group Loans Money to People in 83 Countries


Obama: Africa Wants Trade, Not Aid


US Announces Guidelines for Driverless Cars


Startup Companies on the Rise in Nigeria


Fifteen Million Americans Work for Themselves


Apple CEO Tim Cook Upset about EU Tax Bill


At the US-Mexico Border, Many Depend on Trade


Settlements, Recalls Announced For Volkswagen and Toyota


Summit Aids Foreign Investment in US


Report: Boeing to Sell 100 Passenger Planes to Iran


Central Banks in US, Japan Leave Interest Rates Unchanged


Will Chinese Travel Help China's Economy?


Approval of TPP in US Congress Seen as Difficult


African Union Works to Increase Trade


US, Japanese Stocks Rise in 2013


We Visit An Automobile Show in China


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