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New Exercise Trend Also Helps Environment


Home: Most Dangerous Place for Women


New Exercise Guidelines: Start Young, Sit Less


Mushroom Hunting Gains Popularity in US


Spanking Children Causes Long-term Harm


Which Is Better for Your Career: Specializing or Generalizing?


US: 80,000 Flu Deaths Last Winter


Soap Invented by Indian Women May Save Lives


'Face Blind' People Cannot Remember Faces


Number of American Babies Born with Syphilis Rising


New Technology Provides Early Warning for Heart Attacks


The World's Latest Healthiest Diet


Worldwide Cancer Rates Rising


UN Meeting Will Address World's Most Deadly Infectious Disease


Study: Not Enough Exercise Leads to Sickness


Good Breakfast Equals Good Grades


Breakfast Around the World


Study: For Some, Daily Aspirin May Do More Harm Than Good


Study: Breaking Blood-Brain Barrier to Treat Brain Diseases


New Blood Test Finds Deadly Skin Cancer


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