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Cigarette Warnings Could Be Bigger With Color Images


Treating Eczema During Infancy Helps Prevent Asthma, Allergies


Poor Diet Quality Tied to Frailty in Older Adults


US Doctors Giving Fewer Cough, Cold Medicines


US Health Agency Cancels Study Financed by Alcohol Industry


Ebola Vaccine Use in Congo Slowed by Distrust


Researchers May Have Found New Weapon Against Disease


Progress Made in Identification, Prevention of Brain Diseases


Team Sports Teach Life Lessons


Study: Extra Vitamins Do Not Prevent Heart Disease, Stroke


Poor Sleep Behavior Tied to Many Health Issues


Study Finds Possible Link between Sugary Drinks, Cancer


Eating Well Can Help Patients Recover


Teen Vaping on the Rise in US, Canada


Are Some Kinds of Sitting Worse than Others?


Red Cross Program Helps Kenyans Fight Drug Addiction


One Thing You Can Do Right Now to Help Your Heart


What’s So Bad about Processed Foods?


How Many Steps to Take for Good Health?


WHO: A Million People a Day Get Sexual Infections


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